Who is Telkom owned by

South Africa’s government is the majority shareholder of Telkom, a South African telecommunications company.

The Government of South Africa owns 40.5% of Telkom’s shares, while the Public Investment Corporation (PIC), which is a state-owned investment company, owns 14.8%. The remaining shares are owned by institutional investors and individual shareholders.

Telkom was founded in 1991 as a public company, but it was privatized in 1998. The government retained a controlling stake in the company, and it has continued to be a major shareholder since then.

Telkom is the largest telecommunications company in South Africa, and it provides a wide range of services, including fixed-line telephony, mobile telephony, internet access, and data services. The company has a network of over 10 million customers in South Africa.

The government’s ownership of Telkom has been the subject of some debate. Some people argue that the government should sell its stake in the company, while others argue that the government should maintain its ownership in order to ensure that Telkom remains a major player in the South African telecommunications market.

In 2022, the South African government announced that it would sell its stake in Telkom. The government said that it would sell its shares through an initial public offering (IPO). The IPO is expected to take place in 2023.