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Recent activity by nanseezy

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Pls can i know all the process involved in swearing affidavit in court and publishing a gazette.pls i need all the detailed process involved.... Thank U
answer edited Apr 9, 2018 in General Information
2 answers 83 views
Pls can I get medilab at uhas for fee paying
answered Mar 14, 2018
3 answers 4.8K views
Please how can I get the date on my wassce certificate changed? Can it be possible? Help me please.
answered Mar 14, 2018 in Admissions/Recruitment
1 answer 266 views
I have misplaced my original BECE slip so I want to know de police will accept de results slip during de recruitment process
commented Aug 3, 2016
1 answer 2.1K views
How much does it cost to replace an old birth certificate in Ghana?
commented Aug 3, 2016 in General Information
1 answer 193 views
If I check with serial number and pin cord they tell me processing.what Does it means please I help me..
answered Jul 24, 2016 in University of Education
1 answer 158 views
I got married last month to a Briton and want my name changed to my marital name, how long is the process and cost?
answered Jul 24, 2016 in General Information
1 answer 3.6K views
Pls sir i have misplaced my BECE certificate since 2009 and want a New it possible for me to get another one and if yes, what are the necessary steps to follow? thank you.
answered Jul 12, 2016 in Education
0 answers 366 views
has anyone here been successful in amending an error in 6 yr-old wascce certificate's date of birth(only month and day) from waec? what is the procedure like and how much
asked Jul 10, 2016 in Education
1 answer 183 views
is it possible to amend bio info in wassce certificate?aside affidavit n gazette, would waec officials accept application for amendment?
answer selected Jul 10, 2016 in Education
1 answer 89 views
pls do I have make another birth certificate and put my new name if I want to swear an affidavit in the court to ammend my name and if so am in Tamale do I have to go Accra?
answered Jul 10, 2016 in General Information
2 answers 397 views
what is the different between science and information technology. And what is their work in job each
answered Jul 9, 2016 in Employment/Jobs
1 answer 266 views
ls is UPSA a public university? And if it is, how is their fees paid, is it paid on yearly basis or on semester basis?
commented Jul 9, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment
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1 answer 255 views
I wanted to register for birth certificate and I went to get the certificate instantly or within 2-3 days, is it possible, if yes, how much is the cost.
commented Jul 9, 2016 in General Information
2 answers 1.6K views
Most nursing training applications forms are now fully online. Every nursing training under the ministry of health uses an online application system so there is virtually no need for you to submit the photo copy of your original certificate. You will only do so when it is stated explicitly in the application form. Otherwise, you would not need it
answered Jul 9, 2016 in General Information
1 answer 113 views
1 answer 149 views
hi admin please my birth certificate is not ready yet buh i'm going to nursing interview on tuesday i'm totally confuse can u help me sort this out,whether i should attend or not
commented Jul 9, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment