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1 answer 33 views
What procedures can a Nigerian medical Doctor take before working in Ghana.
answered Aug 14 in Health
1 answer 39 views
2015 batch of students had some of their certificates defaced or damaged. I'm a victim of such an unfortunate situation, I therefore went to the school for a letter directing me to the headquarters of waec to give my old one and ask for replacement . I want to know if they can really do that for me .
answered Aug 14 in General Information
1 answer 54 views
What is my chance of getting admission at UENR with aggregate 28
answered Aug 12 in Admissions/Recruitment
1 answer 74 views
Please my friends are receiving messages from Uenr that means but yet still I hv not gooten any message that means I won't be admitted
answered Aug 12 in Admissions/Recruitment
1 answer 25 views
In uenr there are two hostels; Getfund and new hostel I want to know which one is better
answered Aug 11
1 answer 21 views
Is it advisable to go in for an apartment in uenr as a fresher or is compulsory to go in for a hostel
answered Aug 11
1 answer 38 views
My index number is already in but whenever I type my details into the admission notice section.It gives me error always.Please I need urgent help
answered Aug 10 in Admissions/Recruitment
1 answer 50 views
I saw it on the web site of Nov Dec 2019 that the registration is up to 12th August 2019.Please is it true.
answered Aug 10 in WASSCE QUESTIONS
1 answer 36 views
English - C5 Core mathematics - B2 Int Science - B3 Social studies - B2 Geography - A1 Economics - B3 Government - B3
answered Aug 9
1 answer 25 views
Can someone studying chemistry in one public University get transfer to study forensic science at other public university
answered Aug 9 in Admissions/Recruitment
1 answer 64 views
Social studies -B2 English - C4 Mathematics Core - B2 Int Science -B3 Geography -A1 Economics - B3 Government - B3 Elective Mathematics -E8
answered Aug 6 in Admissions/Recruitment
1 answer 28 views
How do I get my invoice using my index number
answered Aug 1
1 answer 23 views
I was given physiotherapy at UHAS and Health Information Management at UCC.... Which is best in terms of easy employment ?
answered Aug 1
1 answer 74 views
if the results are out how then do i have to check on the internet 2019 wassce results
answered Jul 30 in General Information
1 answer 53 views
Please which course can I study with this grades in UEW; Englis lang d7, Mathematics c6, Social studies c4, Science b3, E_maths c6, government c6, Economics b2, and Geography c6.please help me
answered Jul 30 in University of Education
1 answer 26 views
1 answer 52 views
I had an unprotected and I missed my period so I tested at home two times and they both turns out to be negative but I haven't also had my period, could I be pregnant .
answered Jul 26 in Health
1 answer 32 views
How much does it cost to reside in Nyankpala campus?
answered Jul 24 in University of Development Studies
1 answer 34 views
1 answer 96 views
Please I received a phone call a month ago from UCC ,and I was informed and congratulated that I've gained admission into the UCC , the one who called was a man and we spoke for almost ten minutes , he told me to take my reference number to print my admission letter ... admission list and searched for my name and didn't find it. Please what's wrong ? Any help about that? My name is Atsu Oliver
answered Jul 22 in Admissions/Recruitment