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1 answer 301 views
pls when will waec release 2017 BECE results?
asked Aug 14, 2017 in Education
1 answer 3.6K views
Pls sir i have misplaced my BECE certificate since 2009 and want a New it possible for me to get another one and if yes, what are the necessary steps to follow? thank you.
asked Jul 11, 2016 in Education
1 answer 78 views
am looking for admission into any university of agriculture science in ghana
answered Jun 26, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment
0 answers 91 views
Hello out there, be informed that the university of education Winneba has released it list of qualified applicants into the 2016/2017 academic year programs. all successful applicants are to log into their account with their PIN and Serial number on their vouchers to download the application letter. or log into their e-mail account to download it.
asked Jun 26, 2016 in General Information
1 answer 147 views
I wish to express my sincere gratitude to your institution for your supportive guidance and encouragement given to me when seeking for admition to enter into the university. Am with great satisfaction to inform you that I have gained admission to the university of education Winneba to offer mechanical technology education just recently. Thank you ones again and I really acknowledge your support.
asked Jun 25, 2016 in Love and Relationship
1 answer 164 views
pls can I apply to uew with 27 to persue either mechanical technology education or electrical /electronic technology education? 1. science B3 2. maths C6 3. English C5 4. physics C4 5. chemistry C4 6. E maths C5 7. Biology C5 8. social C5
asked Jun 12, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment
1 answer 413 views
pls when is the closing date for submission of kumasi poly forms?
asked Jun 12, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment
1 answer 223 views
pls wat are the next steps to follow after filling and submitting the k-poly forms? I need all detailed information.thanx.
asked Apr 28, 2016
1 answer 136 views
pls I have applied to uew but my problem is that, the date of birth on my certificate I uploaded was different from what I entered during the filling of the form. can this affect my admission? 1. 06/06/1991 is on my slip and 06/06/1993 is what I entered. pls help me within this shortest possible time before the closing date.
asked Apr 16, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment
1 answer 105 views
can I pls get admission to uew to study mechanical technology education or electrical/electronic technology education with these? 1. core maths c6 2. English c5 3. science b3 4. chemistry c4 5. physics c4 6. elective maths c5 7. biology c5 do l stand a higher chance to gain admission to study one of these courses?
asked Apr 14, 2016
1 answer 138 views
am talking about ssnit student loan. I was asking that do I qualify to apply for the loan.I have been contributing for about a year now. if yes, den what are the steps involved?
asked Mar 15, 2016 in Education
1 answer 73 views
do I qualify to apply for the loan and what are the steps involved?
asked Mar 15, 2016 in Education
1 answer 89 views
for how long do I qualify to apply for ssnit student loan if I have contributed for about a year now?
asked Mar 15, 2016 in Education
1 answer 93 views
pls wat is going on in GAF? wat makes them adjourn the application date to 14th March? pls amfree my last question is that can I still get some of the card to buy by now in Tarkwa. pls find out for me.
asked Mar 10, 2016
1 answer 295 views
can purchase one of the cards today and wait until 7 March or wat?
asked Mar 1, 2016
1 answer 248 views
commented Mar 1, 2016 in General Information
1 answer 97 views
adɛn koraa nti na menkoaa deɛ mompɛ sɛ moboa me yi? mede m'abisadeɛ ato moanim fa me BECE certificate foforɔ ho sɛ anka momoa me, nanso nnansa ne nnɛ moamfii me. sɛ mohwɛ na sɛ montumi mmoa me mpo a, modeɛ monka nkyerɛ meɛ.ɛbɛyɛ modɛ sɛ mɛtena mehaw yi saa?? moaa na mo se mobɛboa yɛn na afei yɛde ɔhaw bi to moanim a na moayi moani. momoa me a, ɛnka.
asked Feb 17, 2016
1 answer 302 views
pls amfree I beg u kindly do this for me.I want you to request a copy of my bece certificate for me since I need it urgently.I know you can do this very early for ready to afford any amount that you incur back to you through money transfer. these ... : 404104018 box number: box 51, Bawdie SUBJECTS: English, maths, science, social, R.M.E, Agriculture, pre-technical skills, catering and fante.
commented Feb 16, 2016 in Education
1 answer 91 views
pls a.I wany to knoe the admission fee for mechanical and electrical technology education students at UEW
asked Feb 15, 2016
1 answer 38 views
pls amfree I completed JHS in 2009 but still the headmaster is saying our certificates are not yet in so you gave a link to download the certificates application form.I downloaded and filled it and sent it to waec where they told me our certs are in already so they can't issue another one again. I need the certs immediately too. pls help me.
asked Feb 12, 2016
1 answer 49 views
ɛneɛ moadaworoma, sɛ mmuaeɛ no firi GAF ba a, na moama m'aso ate.Meda mo ase.
answer selected Feb 9, 2016
1 answer 64 views
Adɛn nti na mebisa asɛm fa recruitment nsɔwhɛ no ho a, monnyi m'ano? Na me pɛ sɛ mehu beaeɛ pɔtee a wɔyiyi wɔn nsɛmmisa no firi na ama m'atumi asua bi. nanso mebisa biara a, momfii me. Wei nko ara deɛ meserɛ mo, momma me mmuaeɛ.
answer selected Feb 9, 2016
1 answer 59 views
afei deɛ yɛatwɛn akyɛ.pls are the GAF coming out this month? I just want to know the actual month.plsssssssssss....
asked Feb 8, 2016
0 answers 46 views
I posted a question about GAF recruitment examination and you refuse to answer me.what have I done wrong?
asked Feb 5, 2016
0 answers 51 views
please the other time I ask that which areas do the GAF set question for the recruits.I was asking for the specific subject and the specific topics they set their questions.pls help me with that.I beg.
asked Feb 4, 2016
1 answer 50 views
EEiiiiii so why is GAF delaying our timel like that? pls haven't you find out from them the reason why? in fact am desperate.
asked Feb 3, 2016