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Naomi, you need six subjects to get admission. 3 core subjects and 3 electives. Since you did 4 electives, you can forget about the literature and use the other 3 to apply. You need aggregate 36 or better in the six subjects with the least aggregate being C6
answered Feb 13, 2018 in General Information
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Yes general arts students can offer diploma in nursing and other related courses. You can check the admission requirement on the official website of the ministry of health online application forms IF YOU WANT ... American Grade 13 examinations and other external qualifications which have equivalences to the WASSCE/SSSCE and the GCE (A Levels).
answered Feb 13, 2018 in General Information
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A general arts students can apply for a degree in nursing programme at any school that offer nursing. Only students with business backgrounds are not allowed
answered Feb 13, 2018 in General Information
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Please I had core maths c6 English b3 Biology c5 Chemistry c5 Science c5 and elective maths d7 Will I get admission into any of the nurses training colleges .
answered Feb 6, 2018 in Admissions/Recruitment
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Yes there is a programmed called GEMP that non medical students who did SCIENCE related courses like allied health, pharmacy , nursing etc can Do to become fulltime doctors. The programme is 3 years. If you did not get your bachelors in a ... a career in a dynamic health service system, postgraduate studies, and scientific research. To offer opportunity to otherwise suitably qualified candida
answered Feb 1, 2018 in General Information
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Yes you can do a post graduate programme to become a medical doctor IF you studied Human Biology during your degree programme at the university because that would only afford you the opportunity to skip just a year or two in medical school. HOWEVER SOME MEDICAL SCHOOLS ... FROM THE FIRST YEAR FIRST LEVEL. If you really want to be a medical doctor then starting afresh should not really stop you.
answered Jan 31, 2018 in General Information
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Please after my three years of work experience as a health assistant, and I want to upgrade to degree nursing, will I still be taking my salary whilst in school?
answered Jan 31, 2018 in Education
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What is the cut of Bsc.Nursing at UG
answered Jan 31, 2018
2 answers 952 views
I am an agric student, I had A1 in science A1 in elective maths, B2 in chemistry,B3 in english, C5 in core math B3 in animal science and C4 in agriculture, so I can apply for physician assistant
answered Jan 30, 2018 in Admissions/Recruitment
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I had the following results; English B3 Maths. D7 Science. C4 Social. A1 Accting. A1 Costing. A1 BM. A1 Econs. B3 please I'm I qualified for admissions in Uew for B.Sc Information Technology and Teacher Training collages
answered Jan 30, 2018
2 answers 284 views
I had B3 in English, A1 in Accounting, A1 in Costing,A1 in Bm, B3 in Econs,A1 in Social studies, C4 in Science and D7 in c. maths and I want to apply for Information and Communication Technology at Uew . please am I qualified?
answered Jan 30, 2018 in Admissions/Recruitment
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UCC distance learning addmission came out 2nd January and ended on 6th Janaury 2014. The undergraduate forms will be out by February and will end in Mid March
answered Jan 26, 2018 in General Information
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Pls wat are the requirements for this year's training college admission.. I have heard that they will admit D7.. Is it true pls?..!!!..n these are my results will I get an admission?...Social studies=B2 English=C6 Core Maths=D7 n my best Electives are Economics=C5 Government=C6 Twi=C5...pls I need more enquiries... Tank u
answered Jan 26, 2018 in Admissions/Recruitment
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I had f9 in core maths and e8 in science ,the rest of the subjects are credits ,pls will o get admission at Ask media training institute?
answered Jan 25, 2018 in Admissions/Recruitment
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You need five subjects to apply for tttc. You dont have to use maths if you do not want to. You wrote 4 core subjects at wassce so you can ignore the maths and apply with the other 3 and any other two electives. They do not write any entrance exams. it is either you had c6 or better in all the 5 five subjects you are applying with or you did not.
answered Jan 25, 2018 in General Information
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Madwo, You can fill the forms anywhere. You don't have to go to korle bu to fill the forms. The only reason is that they want you to use their cafes so that they can get some money. Also a lot of people do not know how to fill the forms themselves thats ... CONFIDENT THAT YOU CAN FILL THE FORMS YOURSELF THEN YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO TO KORLE BU. Use any cafe or any laptop with an internet connection
answered Jan 24, 2018 in General Information
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Majidor , Global error means that there is something wrong with the nursing application system. This can be due to high pressure on the system because a lot of people are also applying. So do not worry. Just log out and and go relax somewhere. make sure you have your pin ... because a lot of people were trying to access it. We will call the moh TEAM and nitify them of this. So relax my friend.
answered Jan 24, 2018 in General Information