University of Namibia

Namibia’s largest university, the University of Namibia (UNAM), is a public research institution with multiple campuses. It was founded on August 31, 1992, by a law passed by the Parliament. UNAM is one of the top universities in Africa, having been ranked in the top 30 academic schools on the continent for the past ten years.  Only the University of Namibia in the entire world offers a doctorate in Khoekhoe language research.

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The top researchers in the continent are concentrated at UNAM. Topics with an impact on the nation, the region, and the world are the university’s main interests. We support international partnerships between scholars and organizations.

As an inventive and resourceful university, UNAM keeps expanding. It features 2 dedicated research centers, 4 faculties, 12 campuses, library resources, about 32,000 students, and 2500 staff members.

Faculty and Research Units

1. Faculty of Agriculture, Engineering and Natural Sciences

2. Faculty of Commerce, Management and Law

3. Faculty of Education and Human Sciences

4. Faculty of Health Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

5. Multidisciplinary Research

6. Sam Nujoma Marine Resources and Research Centre (SANUMRC)

Ethical Clearance

All study carried out by UNAM or on its behalf must receive ethical clearance. Applications for ethical clearance may be submitted to the appropriate Decentralized Ethics Committee at the School, Campus, or Center level for research with low to moderate risk or to the University Research Ethics Committee for research with high risk.