Unam student portal

The University of Namibia is Namibia’s largest higher education institution, with about 30,144 students. UNAM student site and e-learning platform are what distinguishes the university from other African institutions.

What is UNAM Student Portal?

Unam portal is an online portal that enables current students to gain access to academic information as well as updates regarding the welfare, support and learning materials provisions.

UNAM Student Portal is the web front (like a gateway) to the University of Namibia’s programs and other learning-related materials. The students will have to have their user names and passwords to gain access to the portal. Therefore, all students must register and open an account before commencing studies at the university.

How to register for 2022/2023 UNAM Student Portal

If you are a prospective student, not registered at UNAM, you have to go through the following steps:

  • Apply, 
  • Register, 
  • Change personal information, 
  • Get academic and other information and 
  • Make payments.

When you have registered, you can use your user name and password and login into the student portal. 

Change Student Portal Password in 2022

For security reasons, you should change your password to a stronger password. Here is how to change your password.

Have your Cellphone number and email address ready.

  1. Visit this link by copy-and-paste into an Internet Browser.: www.office.com
  2. Enter your student email address. i.e. yourstudentnumber@students.unam.na
  3. Enter your UNAM student portal password, and click on Sign In.
  4. Follow the prompt & select NAMIBIA (+264) >Enter your cellphone number >Make sure that “Text me a code” is selected and click on NEXT.
  5. Enter the number sent to you by SMS and click NEXT >wait for the ‘SUCCESS’ message.
  6. Follow the prompt > CLICK on the X button to Exit
  7. Change Password: Enter your Old Password (the UNAM student portal one). Enter a New Password, and Confirm the new password.

That’s it. You are set. Do not disclose your password to anyone!

Uses of UNAM Student Portal and Moodle LMS

It seems that there there is a misunderstanding about the uses (or purposes) of UNAM Student Portal and UNAM Moodle LMS. In fact, the online teaching and learning will be done through the Moodle Learning Platform, rather than the Student Portal.  

The university mentioned that as part of the remote Learning and Teaching strategy of the University, these two platforms (student portal and LMS Moodle) will complement each other.

UNAM Student Portal – UNAM student application form 2022

Students and staff should continue to use the UNAM Portal for the following:

  • Proof of Registrations, Academic Records and Progress Reports
  • Inter-Account Transfers and Refunds
  • Financial Statements
  • University Notices
  • Lecturer notices to Students 

This information is provided to help the students from Namibia. It is compiled from university manuals, handbooks and online resources that are available to the general public.