Unam Moodle

Moodle is an educational platform that enables you to create courses to enhance face-to-face sessions, distribute work materials to students, provide a space for students to do assignments and discuss various topics, and even provide an evaluation of your approach.

How to enroll in a Moodle course?
Enroll student in a course

The first thing will be to access as a teacher or as an administrator.
Then we access the course where we want enroll to the student and in the menu on the left we go to Course administration → Users → Users enrolled:
Click on “Enroll users”

How to take UNAM online classes?
Follow these steps to access all these courses

sign up with email unam.
In the institutional email you registered you will have a message to verify your account.
then come back here, click on “sign in” and voila, sign up for a course and enjoy!

How to access Zoom through Moodle?
Zoom UHU: How to schedule a meeting on Moodle?

Access your UHU Virtual Campus Classroom or Space where you wish to schedule the meeting. Zoom.
Once inside, select Activate editing.
Click Add an activity or resource, select Meeting Zoom and click Add.
What is Moodle and what is it for?
Moodle is a teaching management system, that is, a software package designed to help the teacher to easily create quality online courses. These e-learning systems are also called Learning Management Systems (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environments (VLE).

What is Moodle and what is PDF for?
Moodle is a web application developed as an LMS (learning management system) platform, in which students and teachers can create communities de learning and interacting de public and secure way by authenticating through de a name de username and a personal password.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Moodle?
Advantages and disadvantages of using Moodle

  • It is developed under Free Software.
  • It has a friendly, efficient and compatible browser interface.
  • Keep a complete record and follow-up of the student’s accesses.
  • Como es Libre is a project in continuous development – ​​Permanent update.

How to see my UNAM institutional mail?
To activate and view your account mail You must enter the following electronic address: http://www.escuela.unam.mx/, when entering, click on the “e-mail student” and then enter your username, which is made up of the first 8 digits of your account number, and your password.