Tshwane University of Technology Admission Requirements 2024/2025

Tshwane University of Technology Admission Requirements 2024/2025

Admission Requirements

Tshwane University of Technology Admission Requirements 2024/2025, Minimum general admision requirements for study at TUT
No person may be registered as a student in a programme of TUT, unless he or she has complied with the following

General admission requirements for TUT

  • A pass mark in English at Senior Certificate level (minimum additional language; certain programmes may require first or home language status)
  • Each course has its own specific admission requirements.
  • Prospective students should note that the admission requirements of individual programmes could change from year to year.
  • For some programmes, students will be required to write an admission test, which will determine whether they will be admitted to the programme, or whether it will be recommended to them that they enroll for a relevant foundation course.
  • The following table indicates the levels of performance required for entry to specific levels of study:

TUT Requirements NSC – Gaps your profile

Results format for the new NSC-G and the minimum admission requirements for TUT:

 Rating code Rating Marks
 7  Outstanding achievement  80 – 100
 6  Meritorious achievement  70 – 79
 5 = Degree  Substantial achievement  60 – 69
 4 = Diploma  Adequate achievement  50 – 59
 3 = Foundation  Moderate achievement  40 – 49
 2  Elementary achievement  30 – 39
 1  Not achieved  0 – 29

Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy?
All learners are required to take one of the two subjects for NSC-G purposes

TUT position:
• Mathematics is relevant to programmes that require a prior knowledge of mathematics; all others may only require Mathematical Literacy. (Details of what each subject entails can be determined by looking at the DoE curriculum statements, available on the DoE website.)