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Recent questions tagged university

1 answer 117 views
i have writing may/June and novdec i have aggre 18 but i want to apply to university with this and another novdec awaiting can i do that
asked May 17, 2016 Nuhu Tahiru
1 answer 138 views
please I had b3 in geog. econs c4.c math ç6.eng ç6.science c5.gov c5. social b2.and I failed e-math. in my wassce certificate .pls can I gain admission into any public university.?
asked Apr 27, 2016 in Education web
1 answer 89 views
Pls sir, i want to know if you choice for a specific program to study through all the choices (1st,2nd and 3rd) and you do not meet the cut off points,where there is a slightly difference like 4 or 7,but you do not fail in any of the subjects both core ... admission for that program or will the school give you another program to study?especially UDS and UEW. as a business student. Pls help me...
asked Apr 6, 2016 Nyarko Martin
1 answer 160 views
Please can I change my program at the University in the first year to offer different program without paying another admission fees?
asked Apr 6, 2016 anonymous
1 answer 137 views
Please when is central university college mature entrance exams for 2016/2017 academic year
asked Apr 5, 2016 VAT
1 answer 62 views
I want more information about how mature students are lectured and whether their cert is different from the undergraduates
asked Apr 4, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment Esi
1 answer 51 views
Pls sir, you do not answer my question. I said what are my percentages or chances of getting admission for b.ed business studies at UDS with this grade maths, c6 english c6 science c4 ,social c6 ,business management a1, financial accounting b2, economics b3 and cost accounting c4. And what of university of education wineba to study business adminstration (accounting)? Pls help me out.
asked Apr 2, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment Nyarko Martin
1 answer 60 views
I got English c6,maths c6,science c4,social c6,business management a1,financial accounting b2,economics b3 and cost accounting c4. Do i qualify to apply for b.ed business studies in uds?if no,can i gain admission in any of the business programmes?
asked Mar 31, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment Nyarko Martin
1 answer 190 views
If no what of applying at Ghana technology university college or hospitality at Accra polytechnic
asked Mar 30, 2016 in Health Assistant Training colleges Sheila
1 answer 52 views
Please in filling knust forms what should i input at the center of examination .... Please help me ..am at sea
asked Mar 29, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment anonymous
1 answer 86 views
pls sir,de following are ma grades...social A1..english b3..cmath C6...n d7 in sci..also i had A1 in geograhy...b3 in econs n b3 in history....ma question is i have bought ucc forms n ma first choice is b.ed social studies n ma second choice is b.a ... sir i want to know ma chances of admission into both courses that i have chosen in percentage terms .....am waiting for ur ans sir..tank u
asked Mar 21, 2016 Platini
1 answer 71 views
pls sir de following are ma grades ..social A1..english b3 ...cmath C6 n d7 in science also i had..A1 in geograhy..economics b3..n history b3..Ma question is ,i bought uew forms n ma first choice was b.a geograhy education n ma second chioce is b.a social ... .sir pls wat are ma chance of admission into both courses that i have chosen in percentage terms....am anxiously waiting for ur ans...tan u
asked Mar 20, 2016 Issifu
1 answer 42 views
A friend of mine have a diploma from Dambai teacher training college with 3 years teaching experience. As matter of fact, he want enter health service. He want to offer public health course in the university is it possible for him to do dat. Ples need ur help.
asked Mar 18, 2016 in General Information Felix young
1 answer 106 views
Please I want to know whether admission would be granted for any appplicant with credit passes in all the 4 core subjects and only 2 electives?
asked Mar 14, 2016 in General Information anonymous
1 answer 66 views
I want to ask if with these grades I can buy the umat forms. eng-c5/social-b3/mths-c5/sci-c4/emths-c4/horticulture-c6/agric novdec-b3/chem-f9
asked Mar 14, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment yh
1 answer 76 views
I applied for uew successfully online and wanted to check applicant list but i hav used all the 'codes' n serial number but the responds is that they hav no record of me,what should i do please?
asked Mar 12, 2016 Caleb
1 answer 41 views
I want to know whether I can combine two waasce results and a nov dec result in the university of ghana
asked Mar 10, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment elle
1 answer 51 views
Pls can I apply to ug this year and go the nxt yr
asked Mar 10, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment Kobby krys
1 answer 42 views
1. Pls can I gt afmission to study degree in nursing at UG with agg 17 as a fee paying student with a gen arts background. 2. If yes what is de fees fr degree in nursing fee paying. 3. Can a gen arts stdt read psychology at UG
asked Mar 10, 2016 Kobby krys
1 answer 84 views
pls do i have a any chance of being admitted to offer Bsc science in information technology at legon with grade 18 on distance basis. I did general arts. Thanks
asked Mar 10, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment ken
1 answer 44 views
Pls when is the closing date for university of winneba admission forms ends .l want to apply regular direct education.
asked Mar 10, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment lsmael
1 answer 79 views
plz can i get admission to the university of ghana to offer computer Eng, radiography medical lab technology or public health
asked Mar 9, 2016 dogbey edwin
1 answer 329 views
I had an overall score of 34 and i wanna know if i will gain admittion at legon this year 2016
asked Mar 9, 2016 Belinda Ankumah
1 answer 79 views
pls I want to know an estimate fee for undergraduate program at university of Ghana city- campus and the main campus per year, for bus. administration students?
asked Mar 9, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment anonymous
1 answer 53 views
How should awaiting candidates fill their forms since they are now waiting for their results
asked Mar 9, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment Francis Jnr