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Tshwane University Of Technology Dental Assistant

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Tshwane University Of Technology Dental Assistant

Dental Technology
Tshwane University Of Technology Dental Assistant, The dental technician/technologist is an irreplaceable member of the dental team. A dentist takes care of the clinical aspects, whereas, the dental technician manufactures prostheses and appliances such as crowns and dentures. His/her work conserves and maintains remaining oral structures restores oral function like mastication and speech and improves aesthetics. In doing so, not only is the patient’s physical needs looked after, but self-esteem is restored or maintained. The high level of technical prowess needed in this discipline gives the technician a high level of satisfaction in his work.

After completion of the programme National Diploma: Dental Technology the student should have acquired the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to successfully complete work in the prosthetics, chrome-cobalt partial denture, crown and bridge and orthodontic fields as an employee in a dental laboratory. On completion of the Bachelor’s Degree in Technology: Dental Technology, advanced techniques and business practice skills will help in setting up a successful laboratory and being an employer.

Dental Assisting
The dental assistant is responsible for assisting dentists in dental practices or clinics and plays an important role in infection control, mixing and preparing dental materials, providing patients with information on oral hygiene and developing and mounting X-rays. Furthermore, the role of the assistant is extended to keeping record of patients, dealing with appointments, assist with stock control and accounts.

  • National Certificate: Dental Assisting
  • National Diploma: Dental Technology
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Dental Technology
  • Magister Technologiae: Dental Technology