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Tshwane University of Technology Chemistry Department, Analytical chemistry is the study of the separation, identification, and quantification of the chemical components of natural and artificial materials.  It is thus concerned with providing qualitative and quantitative information about the chemical and structural composition of a sample of matter. In other words, it is the art and science of determining what matter is and how much of it exists.

Qualitative analysis gives an indication of the identity of the chemical species in the sample and quantitative analysis determines the amount of one or more of these components. The separation of components is often performed prior to analysis.

Analytical methods can be separated into classical and instrumental. Classical methods (also known as wet chemistry methods) use separations such as precipitation, extraction, and distillation and qualitative analysis by color, odor, or melting point. Quantitative analysis is achieved by measurement of weight or volume. Instrumental methods use an apparatus to measure physical quantities of the analyte such as light absorption, fluorescence, or conductivity. The separation of materials is accomplished using chromatography or electrophoresis methods.

Applications & Employment
Analytical chemistry has applications in forensics, bioanalysis, clinical analysis, environmental analysis, and materials analysis and Analytical chemists are employed in all aspects of chemical research in industry, academia, and government. They do basic laboratory research, develop processes and products, design instruments used in analytical analysis, teach, and work in marketing and law. Analytical chemistry is a challenging profession that makes significant contributions to many fields of science.

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