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1 answer 102 views
I wrote 2015 Nov Dec exams n I have lost my results paper. I have bought new result checker trying to check it again but they keep saying invalid date of birth n is d same date of birth I used..... What can I do to check it, because I need it urgently n without it I can't.... Please what should I do
asked Jan 30, 2018 in WASSCE QUESTIONS Tiberio
1 answer 141 views
I want to know, when will e wassce 2016 certificate be released. I went to my school n they said it not in pls
asked May 29, 2017 in Admissions/Recruitment Frank appiah
1 answer 153 views
Please is the 2016 novdec results out?
asked Dec 12, 2016 in General Information Mr. Ken
2 answers 10.4K views
Please I sat & wrote Wassce 2016 and unfortunately my core maths was been canceled. But I pass all of the other subjects. So I have register the Wassce again in 2017. On January, I have decided to buy any of the University forms. So when I am filling my forms should I choose the Awaiting option or just fill in the Wassce 2016 results & can it be possible to combine both of them.
asked Nov 30, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment Jaybernard
1 answer 448 views
Hello pls I want to apply to universities abroad as quick as possible and I want to know of any which accept wassce and have low tuition. I can pay for traveling and a little spending money but I would want a low or free tuition. Thank you
asked Nov 29, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment Mike
1 answer 267 views
i heard it can be possible for dem to sel d results to odas so i wanna noe if dey dd dat to d 2016 mennerz nd knw if dy r fake too a cos dy r failing
asked Sep 27, 2016 in General Information Ñhâryärh ßeâûti Lyñ
2 answers 197 views
Please I heard BECE Results for 2016/2017 are true is that...
asked Sep 10, 2016 Emmanuel31
1 answer 481 views
Social studies b3 English c6 Marths d7 Science d7 Economics e8 History c5 literature f9 and Islamic religious studies f9
asked Aug 12, 2016 in Health Assistant Training colleges Abdul Amin Kangoan
1 answer 1.6K views
I have checked my wassce 2016 results and i had one subject pending.... Why and is it going to affect my admission status?
asked Aug 11, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment Kobby
1 answer 717 views
The 2016 May/June is out. You can go and buy a scratch card and check.
asked Aug 9, 2016 in Education Gentlehomeboy
1 answer 1.8K views
Hi Mr Saint. I learnt waec has realeased the wassce 2016 results. I want how how true is that? And was it officially announced if yes any source if no when are we to expect it?
asked Aug 2, 2016 in Education Gentlehomeboy
1 answer 1.9K views
waec releases wassce results 2016
asked Jul 27, 2016 in Notices Prof Mcwalters
1 answer 196 views
My results are: Social B2, English B3, Mathematics D7, Economics B3, History C5, Government C5, Science D7, Twi B3. Can I be admitted in UEW Direct Distance ? Also can I be admitted in any Teacher training college?
asked May 14, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment Francis Amankwah Ame
1 answer 273 views
Please i want to ask if i can use wassce and nov dec results with different names to apply for the tertiary?
asked Mar 29, 2016 anonymous
1 answer 104 views
please I want to knw why am finding it difficult to verify my results when applying.
asked Mar 26, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment siameh Emmanuel
1 answer 640 views
when will the NMC release the November 2015 licensing exams results
asked Mar 16, 2016 Charles Wilson
1 answer 177 views
wat is the different between wassce results slip and certificate
asked Mar 14, 2016 in General Information anonymous
1 answer 163 views
asked Mar 14, 2016 in Health Agyeman
1 answer 94 views
I was filling my Ucc undergraduate application online... And after completing and printing the confirmation letter, an aggregate came on it meanwhile am an awaiting results applicant... Please what should I do?
asked Mar 7, 2016 mensa
1 answer 411 views
My results were blocked last year because I was owing but now I have paid so when and how do I get my results released so that I can take it to the university
asked Feb 22, 2016 in WASSCE QUESTIONS mummy
1 answer 164 views
Am using both novdec and wassce to apply for UEW. When filling will I be asked to fill both results on the same page, or jxt my best six subject and my two index number.
asked Feb 4, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment Bbb
1 answer 116 views
Why can't I check my novdec result on my phone since I have the card with me
asked Jan 1, 2016 Beatrice
1 answer 106 views
Can I pls apply for physician assistantship with this result,English b3,social b3,e-biology c6,foods/nutrition b2,mil b3,French b2,maths e8 and sci d7.
asked Jan 1, 2016 Ama
3 answers 494 views
Written by Giovanni O.J Chi Olakunori of
asked Dec 21, 2015 in General Information AMfree