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Recent questions tagged police

1 answer 6K views
When will GPS call the second batch for medical. Is it possible for them to start calling in this month after they finish with the first batch. Please brief me.
asked Jul 5, 2018 in Admissions/Recruitment anonymous
1 answer 900 views
plz,diploma in RGN and a police constable,who will receive de highest salary?
asked Aug 3, 2016 web
1 answer 5.5K views
HomeBusinessPoliticsElectionsSportShowbizRegional NewsOdd But TrueOpinionRelationshipPhoto GalleryTVPolice recruitment: List of selected applicants out July 13Saturday 9th July , 2016 6:00 amGhana PoliceThe Ghana Police Service has announced that the list of approved ... prosecuted.SGNDDIRECTOR/PUBLIC AFFAIRS[CEPHAS ARTHUR] SUPERINTENDANT OF POLICEBy: on
asked Jul 10, 2016 web
2 answers 1.2K views
finally the police screening list is out.check ur name on www.police. gov. gh and the screening date is 18 July 2016
asked Jul 9, 2016 web
1 answer 1K views
pls when will GPS call for screening, Co's I have not received any E-mail yet.plz any update?
asked Jul 2, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment web
1 answer 1.2K views
please, Ghana police service has not called for screening those of u who applied should wait patiently. I know you guys will be called soon so keep on checking ur E-mail inbox. they may call any moment from was Neva true dat they have started medicals.Thanx.
asked Jun 29, 2016 web
1 answer 147 views
Any number dat can help me fill my police forms.
asked May 23, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment ally54
1 answer 158 views
I asks a question abt the recruitment procedure but still no ansa.i bought my forms on16 may. Got no pin number but had the serial code. Was asking if I could still go back to the bank to rectify the error made. Or I would be made to buy anoda form again
asked May 23, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment ally54
1 answer 149 views
I bought my forms on 16 of may 2016. After I got home I realized I had serial number but no pin code or number to aide me because it has been stated dat I nid those two numbers to register. Please can I still go back to the bank to demand a correction since they printed the info for me. My time is limited. Thank u.still waiting for my answer
asked May 21, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment ally54
1 answer 80 views
Amfree please I went yesterday to do the registration but they said no network and today too the same thing. Why is it happening in this way. Amfree is it a problem at all the place?. When will it be solve?
asked May 18, 2016 Believer Wise
1 answer 125 views
Amfree please I don't have anybody at those level. Please what should I do. What of private school headmaster.
asked May 17, 2016 Believer Wise
1 answer 101 views
Amfree please can I use SHS teacher as reference?
asked May 17, 2016 Believer Wise
1 answer 128 views
Amfree do u read that news about what is happening between Police service and IT firm. Please tell exactly what is going on between them and about the recruitment? Am hearing that the recruitment is fake and forms card that they selling is useless due to what the IT firm are saying. Please tell fact about the whole rumors.
asked May 13, 2016 Believer Wise
1 answer 156 views
what site should i go to do my police recruitment online forms registration
asked May 12, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment benjamin asido
1 answer 439 views
I have completed a technical school and wished to apply for the recruitment of police. I want to know if I can apply with my technical qualification result because there was no mention of technical students. Thank you.
asked May 11, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment Yhadyb
4 answers 7K views
1 answer 228 views
Can 26/27 yrs of age apply. Is der any way the eligibility age is going to affect Dem.
asked Apr 29, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment ally54
1 answer 1.4K views
1 answer 162 views
Amfree how is youth in security work. How long will you work. How much is they salary. Is it a permanent job or what. Also I heard the GPS will select people from the youth in policing to join them and that is the reason why they have not start recruitment yet is it TRUE Amfree.
asked Apr 20, 2016 Believer Wise
1 answer 839 views
please wat is de average salary for police constables
asked Apr 15, 2016 web
1 answer 296 views
1.Amfree l was asking that is there any assurance or possibility that they can start recruiting this month (April)? 2. Please have u try to speak with the IGP 1 on 1 about the recruiting?
asked Apr 12, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment B-wise
1 answer 221 views
Amfree please up to now there is no sign about the recriutment and are they trying to tell us that they are not ready for the recruitment. Oh am depressed in them. I learnt the IGP said earlier that they need more personal for the election and that is the reason why they will ... wil recruit or not and 2. Even if they wil recruit when? U said u will speak with the IGP one on one please have u?
asked Apr 5, 2016 B-wise
1 answer 811 views
pls i wanted to know when the ghana police service starts its recruitment for 2016 and if possible will they start in this month and which date
asked Apr 4, 2016 amankwah francis
1 answer 752 views
Pls i want to know whether the Police Recruitment forms are in.
asked Mar 30, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment Frederick Asare
1 answer 122 views
Want to know if police recrutment forms are out
asked Mar 29, 2016 anonymous