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NSFAS Appeal Process For for Unsuccessful Applicants

NSFAS Appeal Process For for Unsuccessful Applicants

Students who are unsuccessful in their first application attempt may appeal by submitting the Appeals Form before a pre-determined closing date in order to be considered by the University or College’s Appeals Committee. Appeals will only be considered if there is funding available to make a loan or bursary to the student. All students need to supply an adequate motivation letter and supporting documentation to the university/TVET college. This applies to both students who are applying to NSFAS for the first time and students who were funded in the previous year, but whose funding has been discontinued.

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As a general rule only the following appellants will be considered:

  • Students that can prove family or personal distress had an adverse effect on their ability to achieve the required academic standards, through the submission of psychological or medical reports.
  • Students who could not meet the required academic standards because they were unable to attend classes or write exams because of medical reasons (doctor’s certificate necessary).
  • Final year students, who have not met the required academic standards, will be considered.
  • Students whose Expected Family Contribution (EFC) has been adversely affected since the submission of the application (e.g. parent lost employment etc.).
  • Any extraordinary circumstances by which the student had no control (strong motivation necessary with supporting documents).

The following will not be considered as valid grounds for appeals:

  • Students who fail to submit their application before the closing date.
  • Students who fail to meet the academic requirements without a valid reason or documented motivation.

Successful appellants will be allowed to register with the assistance of Financial Aid, or will be placed on a waiting list if funding is unavailable. In this case, students need to register with their own funds and will be contacted when funds are released.


Nsfas Unisa

Nsfas Unisa

Nsfas Unisa loans and bursaries

Nsfas NUnisa : National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a statutory body, funded primarily by the South African National Department of Education and Training, which provides study loans to academically able but financially needy students who wish to study at one of South Africa’s public institutions of higher education.


  • NSFAS loans (incl. Historic debt loan & Post-graduate loan )
  • The closing date for applications is  June .


What is a NSFAS loan?

A NSFAS loan is an award that a student can receive from NSFAS upon applying and qualifying for such loan. This loan has to be repaid with interest (interest of each year is linked to the national inflation rate). A maximum award size is determined for each year by NSFAS. A portion of this award can be converted into a bursary based on academic performance. The size of this bursary is determined by the number of courses which the student has passed. A 100% pass rate will result in a 40% bursary rebate on this NSFAS loan.

NSFAS Loan Criteria:

  • Only South African students studying at public South African Higher Education Institutions;
  • Undergraduate student studying towards a first higher education qualification;
  • Studying for a postgraduate course which is a requirement to practice his/her chosen profession (e.g. Post-graduate Certificate in Education);
  • Any postgraduate degree except, MBA, MBL, DBA or DBL;
  • Student must be able to demonstrate potential for academic success and that he/she is financially needy;
  • Application form has to be fully and correctly completed;
  • All required documentation need to be submitted upon application;
  • Must apply before the closing date as published on the NSFAS webpage www.nsfas.org.za

What is a NSFAS bursary?

A variety of NSFAS bursaries exist, each with its own criteria. A NSFAS bursary is an award that a student receives upon application for such funding. This bursary award does not have to be repaid, if the student however does not wish to adhere to the bursary conditions such bursary is reverted to a loan. This loan will have to be repaid with interest. Please visit the undergraduate bursary page for individual bursary criteria.

NSFAS Post-graduate Loan

This loan has been made available to students studying towards a post-graduate qualification. Students who are financially needy and who are progressing academically can apply for this funding. Closing date for applications: End of September every year.

Please visit www.nsfas.org.za for application.