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All To Know About Ufiling

Check UIF Status

What is the Unemployment Insurance Fund? The fund offers short-term financial assistance to workers when they become unemployed or are unable to work because of illness, maternity or adoption leave. The fund also assists the dependants of a contributing worker who has died.

The Unemployment Insurance Act and Unemployment Insurance Contributions Act apply to all employers and workers, but not to:

  • those working less than 24 hours a month for an employer
  • learners
  • public servants
  • foreigners working on contract
  • workers who get a government old age pension
  • workers who only earn commission

Domestic employers and their workers are included under the Act since 1 April 2003.

Workers pay 1% of their salaries every month. Their employers contribute a further 1%.

It is the employer’s responsibility to deduct the worker’s contribution from their salary (excluding commission earnings) and pay it to the fund along with their contribution.

The employer is also responsible for making sure that all employees are registered with the UIF. If an employee has been registered and the contributions are paid, then that employee will be able to claim from the fund. The employee does not need a card or any other proof that they have contributed to the UIF.

Foreigners who are permanent workers qualify for UIF, and employers must also register foreigners with the fund.

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Check UIF Status

Why is my UIF claim rejected?

You can appeal a decision of the Commissioner or a claims officer by sending the UI-12 form to your nearest department of labour office. The form must be accompanied with any documents/proof that reinforces your reason to appeal.

Delays can also be caused by claimants submitting incorrect information, such as bank details on their forms, and sometimes employers give incorrect reasons for unemployment on the UI-19 form. In the case of maternity beneficiaries, if they do not claim UIF within six months, they forfeit the claim

What happens if there is a dispute about the payment of benefits?

  • If there is a dispute about the payment or non-payment of benefits an appeal may be lodged at the Regional Appeals Committee within 90 days by completing the correct form.  
  • If an employee is not happy with the decision of the Regional Appeals Committee, s/he can appeal to the National Appeals Committee. The National Appeals Committee’s decision is final. The only remedy an employee has after the National Appeals Committee’s decision is to take his/her dispute to court.
  • Both the above committees may either confirm, change or cancel and replace a decision that was made.

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