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Recent questions tagged girls

1 answer 581 views
There is a very beautiful girl next to our house.I'm in love with her.I have greeted her once or hardly see her outside or whith friends.she has been always in de house. I want to approach and get her contact but I'm afraid of been turned down.After ... she give it to me? Secondly should I consider her as an introvert kind of person?Please tell everything I need to know.I need ur help.
asked Apr 20, 2016 in Love and Relationship web
1 answer 72 views
Or if he asks you to rate him on the scale of 1-10 of how attractive you think he is? To me personally, I find it to be a huge turn-off because it makes believe that he is somewhat insecure within himself and doesn't have much confidence so he feels he needs ... love a man with confidence and self-worth but of course not conceited. But do you find somewhat of a turn-off when a guy does that?
asked Dec 13, 2014 in General Information anonymous
1 answer 87 views
She's been wanting to get with me ever since she caught me masturbating. I've been getting really horny and when I caught her masturbating I gave in. We saw each other naked, spooned, humped and masturbated together. We didn't take our pajamas off, so there was no genital ... m not staying at home until after the weekend now because I just had to get out of there because my head's messed up by it.
asked Dec 12, 2014 in Love and Relationship anonymous
1 answer 105 views
Don't get me wrong, she's very attractive and a great person and I have liked her before (but not now), but I'm 90% sure she has a drinking problem. Because of my religion, I will not date anyone with big "moral issues", and for other reasons we aren't exactly ... it comes to girls and would like to change that. I would like to be polite. I don't want to come off rudely basically saying "CHANGE".
asked Dec 12, 2014 in Love and Relationship anonymous
1 answer 66 views
I finally texted the girl I like today and we were able to hold a decent conversation, but something I've noticed was that she was texting kind of monotonically. Like for example if I asked how she was, instead of replying with something like "I'm good! Hbu?" she was ... I'm just confused that's all, and I could very well be overthinking the whole thing. Thanks to anyone who gets back to me! :)
asked Dec 12, 2014 in Love and Relationship anonymous
1 answer 63 views
I'm a 15 year old girl that weighs around 150lbs. I want to lose about 20 to 25 pounds. I drink about 4-5 glasses of water or green tea a day. I'm home schooled and don't have many friends, so I don't have many chances to go out. I go out and have walks every few days but it's not enough. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables as well. What are some ways to help lose weight?
asked Dec 12, 2014 in Love and Relationship anonymous
1 answer 77 views
Hi, I have my sites set on 2 girls in my class, 1 I can make laugh and feel comfortable around but the other is sweet and kind, and im so nervous to talk to her, my name is Zac
asked Dec 12, 2014 in Love and Relationship anonymous
1 answer 105 views
I fell in love with this girl and i knew that she was committed. Initially i felt i didnt had feeling for her so strong but then when we got to know each other well i found out that even though she was in livin relationship and had a good relation with her ... anything happening bad with her at the same time i know that i am hurting myself if i remain like this for sometime i will get mad.
asked Dec 12, 2014 in Love and Relationship anonymous
1 answer 123 views
So there's this girl at my church. She's really beautiful and I think I'm in love with her. When she was new to my church she used to look at me a lot and she tried talking to me a couple of times, but my dumbass didn't like her back then so I didn't show much ... like I don't exist for her or something. I was thinking of letting her know how I feel about her, but what if she doesn't like me back.
asked Dec 12, 2014 in Love and Relationship anonymous
1 answer 106 views
pls can u guys get me a girlfriend, am currehtly single. stay in tema. incase u get in touch with any nyc gal let her get intouch on my watsapp 0243340535 0269362852
asked May 19, 2014 in General Information anonymous
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