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what are some of the job opportunites for an HND in ICT holder
asked 5 days ago in Admissions/Recruitment anonymous
1 answer 28 views
1 answer 43 views
I checked for the first time and my name was in the list but I checked for the second time and am not seeing my name
asked 5 days ago anonymous
1 answer 33 views
When is the pensioners going to be paid this month? Is 17th July and still they have not yet received their pension pay. When is it going to be paid for their snnit monthly payments?
asked 5 days ago in General Information Eric
1 answer 66 views
Please will I get admission to offer Painting and Sculpture as mature applicant with the following results? English=C4 Sci=D7 Social=C4 Maths=E8 Picture Making=C4 Ceramics=A1 Graphics =C5 GKA=C6.
asked 5 days ago in Admissions/Recruitment anonymous
1 answer 50 views
How am I going to make my invoice number F0219098118 valid
asked 5 days ago Awuvi Princess
1 answer 19 views
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1 answer 32 views
Maths C5 Science D7 Social C6 English C6 GKA B2 Ceramics C6 Graphic design C6 Please can i get an admission for this course Art Education, Fashion Design and Textile Education
asked 6 days ago in University of Education anonymous
1 answer 22 views
Please I need an international jobs vacancy if you can help me with. Direct employment from the employer with all necessary documents attached.
asked 6 days ago in Employment/Jobs anonymous
1 answer 41 views
Please when will the students loan for the third years students who are going to complete school in the nursing training college just this year are going to disbursement for their last semester
asked 6 days ago in General Information anonymous
1 answer 36 views
i had 14 and applied for medilab as first choice and biomedical science as second choice at ucc.
asked 6 days ago Alex Triumph
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1 answer 28 views
Can HND pharmacy technician apply for doctor of pharmacy as a top up program?
asked Jul 16 in Education Dominic
1 answer 38 views
how many students does a room takes at takoradi technical university nzema hall
asked Jul 15 in Admissions/Recruitment anonymous