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asked Aug 14, 2016 anonymous
1 answer 78.6K views
pls amfree I want all mtn short codes including their cheat codes to get free data bundle
asked Jun 9, 2016 in Mobile Networks Abiemor Bright
8 answers 73.9K views
Sir am a boy of 20 and my penis is so small like a 14 year boy so sir I want medicines dat can make it big,long and hard
asked Jun 18, 2014 in Health Brous
1 answer 73K views
I took both d 2pills together aftr unprotected sex am I save pls
asked Feb 23, 2016 erica owusu
3 answers 52.7K views
I really need both Ghana and Nigeria sex whatsapp group to join.
asked Nov 11, 2016 in Love and Relationship Real
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Please can you tell me more about the course at knust Like the cutoff point Curriculum and it is the same as in other schools.
asked May 28, 2018 in General Information Andy Richie
1 answer 26 views
Please I received a phone call a month ago from UCC ,and I was informed and congratulated that I've gained admission into the UCC , the one who called was a man and we spoke for almost ten minutes , he told me to take my reference number to print my admission letter ... admission list and searched for my name and didn't find it. Please what's wrong ? Any help about that? My name is Atsu Oliver
asked 23 hours ago in Admissions/Recruitment Atsu Oliver
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asked 6 minutes ago in Complaints Honkon row
0 answers 5 views
Probiotic T-50 factors can make a contribution to bad digestive and leakage troubles, consisting of unbalanced weight loss plan, pressure, too much alcohol, too much caffeine, routine, and bad food mixtures exchange, water and other shortages of food fluids, aging ... , you may use Probiotic T-50 obviously and correctly enhance digestion.Click Here https://buildhealthychoices.com/probiotic-t-50/
asked 5 hours ago in Articles aegisvitality
1 answer 25 views
I lost my phone some weeks ago but I am unable to replace the lost sim. Please is there any other means I can know that I was being admitted please? I beg help me out.
asked 1 day ago in Admissions/Recruitment anonymous
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1 answer 51 views
Please when is uew admission going to be released
asked 2 days ago in Admissions/Recruitment anonymous
1 answer 19 views
what exactly is the course about
asked 1 day ago in General Information anonymous
0 answers 9 views
Between VigRX Penis Enlargement and Max Man II Penis Enlargement,which one is the best.
asked 17 hours ago in General Information anonymous
0 answers 11 views
I have my wassce results and I'm registering for knust this year but don't have my school certificate yet On the online form it says optional for the school certificate so can I go on and post the application and later get my school certificate cause time is running out
asked 18 hours ago in Admissions/Recruitment Manlit Slay
0 answers 9 views
asked 18 hours ago anonymous
0 answers 7 views
The date on my school certificate and the one I used to register for knust is different because of the error on the date of birth on the certificate Pls what should I do,will it affect my admission in any way It was 16/01/2000 instead of 17/01/2001
asked 19 hours ago in Admissions/Recruitment Manlit Slay
1 answer 30 views
asked 2 days ago anonymous
1 answer 23 views