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Recent questions in Love and Relationship

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l need contact of Ghana sugermummy.
asked Jul 19, 2015 in Love and Relationship Bobby Asiedu
1 answer 106 views
my gf told me her dad said he will seize her phone coz she doesnt sleep early,so she told me she will be sleeping early,we chat on whatsapp ,weneva its 10:10 shes tells me she shes is going to bed...we say good bye den we leave online...buh i have found out ... dasnt sleep early?she tells me she cant sleep...she tells me she loves me everyday.....is she cheating on me,playing me or lying to me
asked Mar 12, 2015 in Love and Relationship Ridwan Selom
0 answers 105 views
I proposed to a a girl and she accepted so we started seeing each other .we kissed ,hold hands n other bug we neva had sex.all of a sudden she called me to tel me she was dating...I got confused n wanted to react buh having a good heart just helped me to keep calm...I complied wif ... love her v much...pls help me to know if she also loves me cos I don't want to waste my tym on her ....pls hlp me
asked Feb 26, 2015 in Love and Relationship micky10
0 answers 48 views
I always want to be heartless towards girls, but i alwas end up considering their feelings first, thinking that will make them love me. what do i do tu posess heartless character towards them?
asked Feb 17, 2015 in Love and Relationship Gudphred
2 answers 104 views
To be honest with you, I am a guy that is very shy,introvert,good looking.... Shy to the extent that I cant approach to say hi..... There was a girl back in SHS,that was really into me,I knew it by her moves and eyes and other obvious body language...I LIKED her too ... ..I DONT WANT TO WASTE THIS CHANCECHANCE..... It is quite sad that a good looking guy like me us so shy... HOW CAN I approach her
asked Jan 14, 2015 in Love and Relationship Bryte
2 answers 67 views
I am from Canada and I have met a man who is in ghana. He says we will need this for our wedding . . This are the Items we have to get for our Traditional Marriage Rite because i come home. Community Items Local Drinks to serve the population has been estimated to ... of where to go and what to do next. If someone can please offer me some help i would be forever grateful. Thank you in advance.
asked Jan 14, 2015 in Love and Relationship AMhere
2 answers 64 views
If you ever suspected your significant other is scamming your life long proceeds and keeping you up at night worrying about your finances, please read on.
asked Jan 13, 2015 in Love and Relationship AMhere
2 answers 58 views
I made an offensive joke on Facebook? So 1 month ago, I made an offensive joke in the comment section of a facebook page post. I was being really dumb at the moment and tought it will be funny. Then after an hour, people started replying " im not laughing " " Neither ... im really depressed right now.. How likely will they do this? thanks.. Oh and so far i have yet to receive any hate messages..
asked Jan 9, 2015 in Love and Relationship AMhere
1 answer 60 views
3 answers 66 views
we've been dating about 8 months and were in love (now i'm not so sure if he really feels that way). i've never met the girl but found out from fb that she has a bf. i know that they hang out bc there used to be pics i could see of him in her fb album. i ... , etc.), so i could see him wanting to seem "tough" or whatever in front of them by not having the status up. ok i hope this makes sense.
asked Jan 9, 2015 in Love and Relationship AMhere
2 answers 355 views
I really want to stop but the more I do it. Pls help Me out
asked Dec 30, 2014 in Love and Relationship bryt
0 answers 26 views
I have a CECT i9 3G touch phone it is a apple iphone rip off, wanted to know if there are apps i can download like the apple phone? Also The java games i have on the phone that came with it are in chinese and i can't understand the writing to play them can i get rid of them and put english ones on? thanks
asked Dec 17, 2014 in Love and Relationship Chris