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Recent questions in Love and Relationship

1 answer 135 views
asked Oct 21, 2016 in Love and Relationship Stephen brew
2 answers 248 views
A girl am dated for about four years nw..has started cheating on me.. she told me about a guy in a hood proposed to her but she never accepted...she stay with my cousin...And my cousin is nw tellin me that my girl is nw having an affair with the guy...Please what should i do nw?
asked Oct 17, 2016 in Love and Relationship qwka
1 answer 6.5K views
Pls I need WhatsApp groups that deals with sex talks and porn to join urgently.
asked Oct 4, 2016 in Love and Relationship Royal
1 answer 409 views
Am eddy frm Accra nd I nid sugar mum in greater Accra for long term relationship. Contact mi on 0574892721 u cn whtsapp mi on de sme line...
asked Jul 26, 2016 in Love and Relationship Eddy
1 answer 117 views
I wish to express my sincere gratitude to your institution for your supportive guidance and encouragement given to me when seeking for admition to enter into the university. Am with great satisfaction to inform you that I have gained admission to the university of education Winneba to offer mechanical technology education just recently. Thank you ones again and I really acknowledge your support.
asked Jun 25, 2016 in Love and Relationship Godfred Korankye
0 answers 88 views
i want sugar mummies who are ready for sex and to pay me well.
asked Jun 18, 2016 in Love and Relationship Damba Stephen
0 answers 132 views
plzzz am in love with ma best friend bt I don't knw if it is adviceable to propose to her ....she always tell me.she is not ready for a relationship ....wat shd I do nw since I am confuse n don't knw wat to do....plzzz help me
asked Jun 3, 2016 in Love and Relationship Zion
1 answer 290 views
Am free,l have a problem on my girlfriend during the sex once a week. When am mood on the sex,she asked me l should not use my penis onto her vagina,she want me to use my lips to play her private part of a body so that she will moaned her mood. Anytime when am ready for ... Cook is for me sometimes on the day. The things is that, is pain me we should not have sex on that day, so what should l do?
asked May 17, 2016 in Love and Relationship Zokito sebo
1 answer 128 views
Amfree it happened that a friend of my is dating a girl which we are all in the same church but my friend n I are sunday school teachers. By mistakenly he impregnated the girl but he is ready to marry the girl b4 that happene even both the family side said is ... help me to tell whom he should go first and for him he prefer to go to Pastor but the other is saying different thing please help.
asked May 2, 2016 in Love and Relationship Believer Wise
1 answer 209 views
what ar de effects of dating early both negetive nd position side ..
asked Apr 23, 2016 in Love and Relationship Chunfun Deshaash
1 answer 134 views
Please Amfree , How do I enlarge my hips without no side effect or whatsoever (maybe you can recomend something for me).
asked Apr 22, 2016 in Love and Relationship boampong
2 answers 187 views
am humble good and hardy boy in search for sugar mummy call me on 0542548930 .
asked Apr 21, 2016 in Love and Relationship kojo1992
2 answers 655 views
How Can Painful Sex In Women Be Treated?
asked Apr 20, 2016 in Love and Relationship ASIEYIE FREDERICK
1 answer 509 views
There is a very beautiful girl next to our house.I'm in love with her.I have greeted her once or twice.you hardly see her outside or whith friends.she has been always in de house. I want to approach and get her contact but I'm afraid of been turned down.After ... she give it to me? Secondly should I consider her as an introvert kind of person?Please tell everything I need to know.I need ur help.
asked Apr 20, 2016 in Love and Relationship web
2 answers 207 views
I need a sugar mummy who will be able to take in ma long and thick dick am not asking for one round sex ooh
asked Apr 17, 2016 in Love and Relationship Derem
1 answer 144 views
please is it advisable to propose to ur female frnd.what are the side effects both positives and negatives.
asked Apr 13, 2016 in Love and Relationship web
1 answer 234 views
Please am a married man and any time l want to have sex with my wife she won't me to use my tough into his vagina but l always refuse but l see to it that my wife don't feel happy. Please if l do it will it course a problem to me or not
asked Apr 2, 2016 in Love and Relationship Kwajo
2 answers 192 views
plz,I was in love with my frnd when we were in shs.but I couldn't propose to her bcos we were in de same class.so after completion I proposed and she said she is in a relationship with my frnd. I asked the guy and he said dere is nothing b/n them.Although we've been ... girl accused me dat y didn't i propose to her while we were in sch. please wat shld I do. I am seriously in love with de girl.
asked Mar 31, 2016 in Love and Relationship web
1 answer 101 views
what contraceptive can a lady take after 7 days after sex
asked Mar 30, 2016 in Love and Relationship Benjamin Anumel
1 answer 551 views
I took contra 72 pills. but my menses have delayed for a week. but I had unexpected bleeding during my delay. am I pregnant or not?
asked Mar 22, 2016 in Love and Relationship anonymous
1 answer 98 views
please if a lady had her period on 6/03/2016 and haves sex on 21/03/2016 wat is is de chances of de lady getting pregnant is dat date safe or unsafe to have sex
asked Mar 19, 2016 in Love and Relationship anonymous
0 answers 115 views
1.Why Do U Want Me In Ur Life? 2.What Did U See About Me? 3.What Did U Want From Me? 4.Do U Know What I Can Do Do And What I Can't Do? 5.Did U Love Me Because Of My Stature? 6.Why Me Not Other Girls? 7.What Is Love 8.What Is Like?
asked Mar 4, 2016 in Love and Relationship Chemikarzy
1 answer 204 views
please I'm 25yrs of age and I find it very difficult to approach a lady not even talking of proposal.Anytime I set my eyes on a girl I want, I get a shock. plz any guidelines
asked Feb 29, 2016 in Love and Relationship web