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asked 2 days ago in Health tonegarcinia786
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asked 2 days ago in Health Robert Spivey
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asked 2 days ago in Health liza andrew
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asked 2 days ago in Health anonymous
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Got a contraceptive same night after sex but realised it had just a pill(mistake from factory) right after taking it. On the next day's evening I got lydia and then took one pill instantly thinking i had to wait until 12hours before taking the next pill ..only for me to read ... realise I had to take both at once..I still took the next pill after 12hours tho....am I still safe ..am very confused
asked May 15 in Health anonymous
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Please my girlfriend and I had sex Thursday at 2am and had sex Thursday midnight and she took her pills this morning but after she did we had another sex but I don’t know if the pills will work
asked Apr 26 in Health anonymous
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pls i want to that whether premature ejaculation is it sickness or what?
asked Apr 1 in Health anonymous
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Please I want to offer hnd dispensary technology at Kumasi technical university . What are the job opportunities after completion? And please what is the salary condition?
asked Feb 26 in Health Ogidi gon
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i had sex on Sunday evening and monday afternoon and he released into me and i took the lydia post pill.hope am safe
asked Feb 25 in Health anonymous
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My last period began on the 23rd and end on 28th December and on the 13th of January 2019 i have unprotected sex with my guy and since then i haven't had my menses that's last month,I took a pregnancy test and i had a negative results but my tummy is bloating and am scared that I might be pregnant
asked Feb 11 in Health anonymous
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I heard that the government want to cancel certificate nursing and certificate in community health program.
asked Feb 1 in Health Favour
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asked Jan 26 in Health anonymous
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asked Jan 9 in Health anonymous
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asked Dec 9, 2018 in Health anonymous