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Recent questions in Admissions/Recruitment

1 answer 25 views
Can someone studying chemistry in one public University get transfer to study forensic science at other public university
asked Aug 9 in Admissions/Recruitment Lawrence
1 answer 40 views
Please it's urgent and I will like to know more about when it will be released for the 2019/2020 academic year
asked Aug 7 in Admissions/Recruitment HAQ
1 answer 38 views
If in case am admitted in a university but i failed some subjects in my WASSCE exams can register and re-write and apply changes to the results i already have?
asked Aug 6 in Admissions/Recruitment Nana
1 answer 58 views
Social studies -B2 English - C4 Mathematics Core - B2 Int Science -B3 Geography -A1 Economics - B3 Government - B3 Elective Mathematics -E8
asked Aug 6 in Admissions/Recruitment Voado
1 answer 30 views
Please I had A1 in social studies ,b2 in elective maths ,D7 in core math ,c6 in science,A1 financial accounting, b3 in business management ,b2 in economics and b3 in English do I stand the chance of pursing a degree programme in upsa
asked Aug 6 in Admissions/Recruitment anonymous
1 answer 35 views
1 answer 58 views
Will i gain admission in UG or Uenr if i had d7 in english , c6 in core maths , c5 in science , b3 in social , c6 in both physics and chem , b3 in biology and f9 in emaths and i want to study biological science in one of this schools?
asked Aug 4 in Admissions/Recruitment Nana
1 answer 29 views
The grades I had are as follows *English -C5 *Core Mathematics - B2 *Into Science - B3 *Social Studies B2 *Geography -A1 *Economics -B3 *Government - B3 *Elective Mathematics - E8 please help me out
asked Aug 4 in Admissions/Recruitment Voado
1 answer 37 views
Please which course can I offer with this grades as a business students: Core maths: B3 English. :c6 Social. :A1 Science. C5 Business mag :A1 Fin. Accounting: A1 Economics. :A1 Elective math. B3
asked Aug 2 in Admissions/Recruitment Adams Bewabeye