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Recent questions in Admissions/Recruitment

0 answers 12 views
I bought Ucc mature evoucher today, yet it says invalid pin when I try to log in. What do I do please?
asked 2 days ago in Admissions/Recruitment anonymous
1 answer 49 views
1 answer 40 views
Please do I qualify to read a course (English Language) at Legon with the following; Social B2 English B3 Science C5 Maths C5 Literature B3 Geography B3 Economics C4 Asante Twi B2 If not can you suggest a course for me?
asked Nov 3 in Admissions/Recruitment anonymous
1 answer 45 views
As part of the Ucc mature applicant requirements, it is stated that a copy of a birth certificate issued not less than 5 years should be provided. I'm 25 years yet my birth cert was issued 3 years ago which is less than 5 years. Will that be a problem for applying for admission? Or should I go ahead and apply?
asked Nov 3 in Admissions/Recruitment Ekua
1 answer 54 views
1 answer 43 views
I am 25 years, completed 2012. With the following grades: English B3 Social B2 Science C5 Maths C5 Literature (Nov Dec) B3 Geography B3 Economics C4 Asante Twi B2 Can I apply directly to Ucc or Uew? Or are there other options aside applying as a direct applicant? Do I stand a high or low chance being admitted to both universities to read English?
asked Nov 2 in Admissions/Recruitment Nana
2 answers 79 views
Fire service recruitment
asked Nov 2 in Admissions/Recruitment Samuel
1 answer 67 views
0 answers 66 views
Can I go to legon second semester
asked Oct 15 in Admissions/Recruitment Akua
0 answers 77 views
Social studies A1 English C4 Science B2 Core maths B2 Elective maths B3 Biology C4 Chemistry C4 Physics B3 Please can they consider me
asked Oct 13 in Admissions/Recruitment Nana
1 answer 74 views
I want to know the number of people the police and the Army recruit each year so that I can know which one to be recruited easily
asked Oct 12 in Admissions/Recruitment Sky Jet
1 answer 53 views
Please with ACCA (U.K) part 1 and certificate in accounting software programs (quick books, tally, EPR 9 SAP Business one, sage one, sage x3 . Will I get a job and what will be the salary?
asked Oct 3 in Admissions/Recruitment Eric
1 answer 63 views
I am a general arts student and my electives were Government,Economics,Geography,Literature can i apply for Computer Science at Accra Technical University ?
asked Sep 27 in Admissions/Recruitment page14
1 answer 101 views
My results is Soc. Stud. B3 Core. Maths D7 Science C5 English D7 Business Management B3 Fin. Acc. C6 Econs C6 E-maths D7
asked Sep 22 in Admissions/Recruitment Akwesi
1 answer 85 views
Do I qualify for Ghana police service with English C6 Core maths C5 Social studies C5 Science D7 Government C4 Elective maths C4 Economics C6 Geography D7
asked Sep 17 in Admissions/Recruitment anonymous
1 answer 95 views
When are the Ghanaian schorlaship out? Want a Ghanaian scholarship offer to attend tertiary please and is any scholarship package for nursung students? Please give me the website to locate them
asked Sep 16 in Admissions/Recruitment Portia Osei A