Paymaya Is a Philippine financial services and digital payments company based in Metro Manila, Philippines. PayMaya has been renamed Maya. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but with Maya’s 6% interest rate your money can certainly grow as if it did.

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PayMaya logo from 2015 until 2021. The logo is still used in some Smart Padala outlets, and their store and bank partners, notably in their QR Code payment counters.

Maya Wallet

Maya Wallet, powered by Maya Philippines, Inc. and commonly still referred to as PayMaya, allows money transfers between Maya users; send money to other local banks; pay recurring bills; purchase mobile and gaming prepaid credits; pay offline merchants by scanning unique QR codes; checkout from online stores using virtual or physical cards; and get insurance coverage for e-commerce purchases, personal health, and mobile devices.

Although most of the transactions processed by Maya Wallet are generally in fiat currency, it also lets users buy, sell, and soon send and receive cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and Uniswap in its Crypto section.

As of June 2022, Maya Wallet breached the 50 million registered users mark, making it the second most-used e-wallet service in the Philippines, only behind GCash.

Maya Savings

Maya Savings, powered by Maya Bank, Inc., offers retail customers a high-yield savings with an interest rate of 4.5 percent per annum. During its launch, Maya Savings gave an introductory interest rate of 6 percent per annum to early-bird registrants, which is generally considered one of the highest that any local bank – traditional or digital – has offered at the time.

Another version of Maya Savings is Personal Goals which effectively acts as a time deposit. The feature lets customers save at a guaranteed 6 percent interest rate per annum within a specified period of time.

In October 2022, Maya Bank, Inc. announced that it has 1 million registered customers and reached PHP10 billion deposits in just five months after its launch, positioning itself as the fastest-growing digital bank in the Philippines.

Maya Business

Maya Business, powered by Maya Philippines, Inc. and formerly known as PayMaya Enterprise, enables businesses to accept digital payments, whether online or in-store.

Business Deposit, letting businesses earn 1.5% interest per annum and transfer to other banks for free, is also offered by Maya Bank, Inc. for Maya Business customers.

The pitch of Maya to businesses is it helps them grow in bolder directions through effortless payments and money management solutions in one seamlessly integrated platform.

Maya Center

First introduced in 2004 as a separate remittance service of Smart Communications known as Smart Padala and eventually Smart Padala by PayMaya, Maya Center is a network of 55,000 partner agent touch points across the Philippines and serves as last-mile financial hubs in communities, providing the unbanked and underserved access to digital services.

Smart Padala by PayMaya rebranded to Maya Center in 2022, in accordance with the rebrand of PayMaya. It is the neighborhood destination for every Filipino’s day-to-day money needs. Its nationwide network of partner agents will bring a friendly way to facilitate remittances, payments, and other transactions for people with limited access to the internet. (Note that while Smart Padala will be transformed into Maya Center, domestic remittance remain as Smart Padala service.)