What is the fastest network in South Africa

According to MyBroadband Insights, MTN is the fastest network in South Africa. In their 2022 Mobile Network Quality Report, MTN was found to have the fastest average download speed of 68.84 Mbps, followed by Vodacom at 48.58 Mbps, Telkom at 28.54 Mbps, Cell C at 23.41 Mbps, and Rain at 15.14 Mbps. MTN’s network is […]

Why is broadband so slow in my area

There could be several reasons why broadband internet is slow in your area in South Africa. Some common factors that contribute to slow internet speeds include: Infrastructure limitations: One of the primary reasons for slow broadband in certain areas is the lack of adequate infrastructure. Some regions may not have the necessary infrastructure, such as […]

Who is Telkom owned by

South Africa’s government is the majority shareholder of Telkom, a South African telecommunications company. The Government of South Africa owns 40.5% of Telkom’s shares, while the Public Investment Corporation (PIC), which is a state-owned investment company, owns 14.8%. The remaining shares are owned by institutional investors and individual shareholders. Telkom was founded in 1991 as […]

Why is internet speed slow in South Africa?

There are a number of reasons why internet speed is slow in South Africa. These include: Infrastructure: South Africa’s internet infrastructure is not as developed as some other countries. This means that there is less bandwidth available, which can lead to slower speeds. Geography: South Africa is a large country with a relatively small population. This means […]

Who is the best 5G provider in South Africa?

According to Opensignal’s 5G Experience Report, the best 5G providers in South Africa are: Vodacom: Vodacom has the best 5G experience in South Africa, with an overall score of 75.2 points. Vodacom’s 5G network is fast, reliable, and covers a wide area. Vodacom South Africa logo MTN: MTN is the second-best 5G provider in South Africa, with […]

Which is the largest fibre network in South Africa?

According to the 2022 South African Fibre Carrier Market Report, the largest fibre network in South Africa is: Openserve: Openserve is the largest fibre network in South Africa, with over 1.6 million homes passed. Openserve is a wholesale network operator that provides fibre infrastructure to other ISPs. Openserve South Africa logo Other major fibre networks in […]

Which country has fastest 5G network in the world?

According to Speedtest Global Index, the countries with the fastest 5G networks in the world are: South Korea: South Korea has the fastest 5G network in the world, with average download speeds of 432.7 Mbps. South Korea flag United Arab Emirates: The United Arab Emirates has the second-fastest 5G network in the world, with average download speeds […]

How good is South Africa’s internet

South Africa’s internet infrastructure and quality were gradually improving but were not considered among the best in the world. The country faced several challenges that impacted the overall quality of its internet service: Infrastructure: The internet infrastructure in South Africa varied across different regions. While major cities and urban areas had relatively better infrastructure, rural […]

Which country has the fastest WIFI in Africa

According to Speedtest Global Index, the countries with the fastest WiFi in Africa are: Ghana (53.28 Mbps) South Africa (47.32 Mbps) Egypt (42.42 Mbps) Madagascar (38.68 Mbps) Cote d’Ivoire (37.36 Mbps) Seychelles (37.02 Mbps) Senegal (35.28 Mbps) Morocco (28.38 Mbps) Mauritius (25.60 Mbps) Burkina Faso (23.95 Mbps) It is important to note that these speeds […]

Why is subscription model so popular

The subscription model has gained significant popularity for various reasons, both from the perspective of businesses and consumers. Here are some of the key factors contributing to its widespread adoption: Predictable Revenue: For businesses, the subscription model provides a steady and predictable stream of revenue. This allows companies to better plan and allocate resources, as […]