Nust vacancies

In order to satisfy and accomplish the University’s operational demands and strategic objectives, the Recruitment and Selection Division (R & S) recruits and selects professors of the highest caliber. This supports the University’s strategy and transformation plan.

The Recruitment and Selection Division commits to:

  • Meeting immediate and future staffing needs; 
  • Building organisational capabilities; 
  • Enhancing the university’s competitive advantage through talent acquisition;
  • Increasing productivity through high performing staff;
  • Becoming an employer of choice; and
  • Reducing poor performance owing to poor job fit/placement.


  • Human Resources Planning: Forecast the human resources needs of the University.
  • Recruitment: Attract and select talented individuals the required knowledge, skills and abilities within the organization and externally for job vacancies and ensuring that appointments take place in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Selection: Identifying appointable candidates by diligently reviewing all applications, shortlisting candidates, interviewing, and subjecting them to relevant competency based assessment tests.
  • Remuneration: Determining and offering market related salaries commensurate to the position in line with the remuneration policy.
  • Job Evaluation: Ensure that all jobs within the institution are evaluated, using an objective and reliable job grading system.
  • Work Permits and Visa’s: Oversee and ensure that all Non-Namibians have valid work permits or work visas before they assume employment at the University.
  • Relocation: Oversee the smooth relocation of employees recruited outside Windhoek and the borders of Namibia.


The Department of Human Resources is committed to supporting the Namibia University of Science and Technology’s Mission, Vision, Values and strategic objectives. 

As the University community’s strategic partner, we offer exemplary service and implement innovative solutions that enable the University to attract, develop, retain and reward a diverse, competent workforce and empower employees to maximize their potential to ensure the institution’s continued growth.  This is accomplished through the efforts of a dedicated and diverse group of HR professionals in four (4) divisions, namely; Recruitment, HR Operations, Employee Relations and Organisational Development & Learning.


To become a dynamic and innovative partner by providing leading HR services through transparency and consistency.


As a strategic partner, we develop and deliver quality and innovative HR services to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce within a supportive working environment.


  • Excellence – we commit to quality services and activities
  • Integrity – we value, respect, ethics
  • Partnership – we inculate a culture of collaboration
  • Transparency – we value openness in all processes and engagements
  • Consistency – we value fair treatment of all staff
  • Inclusiveness – we promote a sense of belonging, teamwork and collective ownership of departmental activities


Human Resources Secretary: Ms Anneley de Waal (+264) 61 207 2255
Senior Recruitment Officer: Ms Majory Mukasa (+264) 61 207 2577