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Monday – Friday:   8:00 to 22:00
Saturdays:   9:00 to 17:00
Sundays:   14:00 to 20:00

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Monday – Friday:  8:00 to 17:00
Saturday & Sunday:  CLOSED
Public Holidays: CLOSED

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Online Exam Papers

The past examination paper collection consists of more than 4,000 exam papers from the past 5 years. You can access these examination papers online by clicking on the Past Exam Papers link.

The library consists of the following sections:

Office of the Director: Library and Information Services

Staff details 

Ms. Judy GroblerDirector: Library and Information Services207 2092
Ms. Anna JantjiesSecretary207 2205


SECTION: Client Services

The section offers circulation related services and services to branch libraries.

Ms Marianne Gei-khoibesHead: Client Services207 2605
Ms Diana NakuumbaCirculation Services Librarian207 2013
Ms Erika AfrikanerSenior Library Assistant207 2665
Ms Launa KaxuxwenaLibrary Assistant207 2619
Ms Anne-Marie de KlerkLibrary Assistant207 2907
Mr Kendrick HusselmannLibrary Assistant207 2663
Ms Karen TjiposaLibrary Assistant207 2804
Mr Abed KantewaLibrary Assistant207 2968
Ms Priskilla PetrusLibrary Assistant207 2248
Ms Melanie SwartzLibrary Assistant207 2753
Ms Hedwig ShikongoActing Senior Library Assistant: DASP207 2986
Mr Dawid ShikongoLibrary Assistant207 2960
Ms Fenni NicodemusLibrary Assistant207 2518
Ms Natalia KamutatiLibrary Assistant207 2347
Ms Gerhardar NorberLibrary Assistant207 2825
Ms Maria K. SheefeniLibrary Assistant207 2404
Mr Israel NdilipunjeLibrary Assistant207 2365
Ms Eveline MN KolobinusLibrary Assistant207 2617
Mr Julius HamweleLibrary Assistant207 2739
Ms Victorina NkumboActing Senior Library Assistant207 2751
Ms Ingrid NgarizemoSenior Library Assistant: Branch Libraries207 2612
Mr Abed IitembuLibrary Assistant207 2846
Ms Lydia TawanaLibrary Assistant207 2669
Ms Selma NalushaLibrary Assistant207 2444


 SECTION: Faculty & Research Support

Faculty and Research Support Librarian provide a range of services to staff and students, which focus on a particular area or discipline. They keep their assigned departments informed about events in the Library and learn from the departments about their library needs. Their main goal is to support, facilitate and enhance the research, study and teaching activities of students, staff and researchers.  The section is also responsible, among others, for:
Assisting researchers to manage their citations and bibliography.
Developing and presenting library and information skills training/information literacy classes to students
Developing and presenting subject-oriented bibliographic instruction to classes or groups, as well as to individual faculty members and students
The Inter-Library Loan service (, which assists in cases where researchers sometimes need material that is not available at the NUST Library.
The Research Commons, which offers research and study support to postgraduate students and staff.

Dr Tertu ShiwedaHead of Faculty & Research Support SectionAdministrative StaffCentre/Unit/Institute staff207 2326
Ms Alina NakaandeFaculty Librarian:Computing and informatics207 2627
Mr Heikkie KalengaFaculty Librarian:Engineering and Spatial Sciences 207 2228
Ms Sikunawa ShoopalaFaculty Librarian: Health, Applied Sciences and Natural Resources207 2614
Mr Stephen VisagieMs Monica EimanMs Damalie NajjuukoFaculty Librarians:Commerce, Humanities and Education207 2816

SECTION: Collection Management

Responsible with the Collections Development of information resources through acquisitions, Digital preservation, electronic resources management, collections assessment, cataloguing and classification, copyright, and licensing.

VacantActing Head: Collection Development 
Ms Veronique KankindiBibliographic Services Librarian207 2613
Ms Womba NashiwayaAssistant Librarian: Bibliographic Services207 2967
Ms Liina Kamenye-AmakaliAssistant Librarian: Bibliographic Services207-2613
Ms Katriena MutiruaActing Librarian: Acquisitions207 2584
Ms Maria SteinActing Senior Library Assistant: Acquisitions207 2584
Ms. Ester HamukwayaLibrary Assistant: Bibliographic Services207 2645
Ms Foibe ShaambeniActing Librarian: Online & Serials207 2566
Ms Zelda CoetzeeActing Senior Library Assistant: Online & Serials207 2821
Ms. Sylvia UmanaActing Librarian: Digital Collections207 2433