Nust eLearning

Final E-course materials are published to this website for students to view and utilize. Utilize the many eLearning collaboration and communication tools offered by the MyNUST system to assist your students with their learning and to encourage them to participate in your course activities. Contact Mr. Maurice Nkusi at if you would like additional information.

How to login to eLearning
Step 1. Go to NUST Website:
Step 2. Click on: Click here to login

Step 3: Enter your default login credential
 User name: Your student number
 Password: St@student number
 The S is capital

Course enrollments
If you’re not enrolled please do the following:
Option 1
 Try to enroll yourself using the course code
 Try upper cases or lower cases
 Examples: MMN123S/mmn123s
 If this does not work try option 2
Option 2
 Ask your lecturer to enroll you or
 Ask your lecturer for the course enrollment key

Lost password
Option 1
Step 1: Click on lost password

Step 2: fill-in your username or email and search.
This option allows you to change your password immediately.

Option 2
Please scroll all the way down and fill the form (see the red circle)
This option takes 5-24 hours. After 24 hours you may login using the default credentials.
• User name: Your student number
• Password: St@student number

If you have no account
Tel: 061 2072127