Is Vox installation free?

Vox Telecom offers free installation for fibre optic internet in some areas. However, there may be a charge for installation in other areas, depending on the complexity of the installation. You can check with Vox Telecom to see if free installation is available in your area.

Here are the factors that may affect the cost of Vox installation:

  • The type of fibre connection: Vox offers different types of fibre connections, including FTTH (fiber to the home) and FTTB (fiber to the building). The cost of installation will vary depending on the type of fibre connection you choose.
  • The distance from the nearest fibre node: The distance from your home or business to the nearest fibre node will also affect the cost of installation. The closer you are to the fibre node, the lower the cost of installation will be.
  • The complexity of the installation: The complexity of the installation will also affect the cost. If the installation is complex, such as if you need to have a new fibre line run to your home or business, the cost of installation will be higher.

If you are interested in getting Vox fibre optic internet, you can contact Vox Telecom to find out more about the cost of installation in your area.