Is USAA only for US citizens?

As USAA is renowned for its low rates and excellent customer service, this is an often asked question. However, not just anybody can enroll in insurance via USAA. Only military personnel and veterans with an honorable discharge are eligible for USAA insurance. Military personnel and veterans’ immediate family are also welcome to attend.

If both the parents and the grandparents are members, then the grandchildren of military personnel and veterans are eligible; however, cousins and siblings are not.

It is important to give USAA some thought if you meet the requirements to join. In our post below, we’ve described who precisely qualifies for USAA as well as other important details like eligibility and coverage choices.

Who is eligible to buy USAA insurance?

Who may purchase USAA insurance? As long as they fulfill USAA membership standards, a variety of military personnel and veterans may acquire USAA insurance. The following is a list of all eligible military personnel and veterans:

Military personnel in the active duty, guard, or reserve
veteran soldiers who were honorably discharged
Cadets, warrant officers, pre-commissioned officers, and midshipmen

Despite the fact that USAA is geared at the military and veterans, anybody may get insurance via USAA.

If a service person or veteran is a USAA member, their family members and close friends may also be covered.

See the complete list of military dependents who are eligible for USAA insurance below.

  • Young people and stepchildren
  • Grandchildren (if both parents and grandparents are USAA members) (if both parents and grandparents are USAA members)
  • Spouses
  • widowers and widows
  • Ex-spouses who haven’t remarried

Only if their parents joined USAA while they were still living would children and stepchildren of dead military personnel be eligible for USAA insurance. In order to qualify as USAA grandkids on insurance, grandchildren must also have both their parents and grandparents on USAA policies.

Veterans who received dishonorable discharges are not eligible for USAA insurance.

What family members cannot receive USAA coverage?

One does not automatically qualify for coverage just because they are connected to a military veteran or active member. The following relatives can’t purchase USAA insurance:

  • Cousins
  • Nephews and nieces
  • Other close friends besides spouses
  • Siblings
  • Parents

Only the immediate families of service personnel and veterans are eligible for USAA insurance. USAA insurance coverage is not available to anybody other than a spouse, whether current or past, and children. If you aren’t qualified for USAA coverage, you can still shop about and locate organizations that are similar to USAA by researching the top auto insurance providers.