Is AnyDesk same as TeamViewer?

No, AnyDesk and TeamViewer are not the same. They are both remote desktop software, but they have some key differences.

  • Speed: AnyDesk is known for its speed. It can connect to remote computers even over slow internet connections. TeamViewer is also fast, but it is not as fast as AnyDesk.
  • Security: Both AnyDesk and TeamViewer are secure remote desktop software. However, AnyDesk uses a newer security protocol, which makes it slightly more secure than TeamViewer.
  • Features: AnyDesk and TeamViewer have a similar set of features. However, AnyDesk has a few features that TeamViewer does not, such as the ability to share files and the ability to record sessions.
  • Pricing: AnyDesk and TeamViewer have different pricing plans. AnyDesk is generally more affordable than TeamViewer.

Ultimately, the best remote desktop software for you will depend on your specific needs. If you need a fast and secure remote desktop software, AnyDesk is a good option. If you need a remote desktop software with a lot of features, TeamViewer is a good option.

Here is a table comparing the two software:

Feature AnyDesk TeamViewer
Speed Fast Fast
Security Secure Secure
Features File sharing, session recording File sharing, chat, remote printing
Pricing More affordable More expensive