Is AnyDesk ID permanent?

No, AnyDesk IDs are not permanent. If you are using the free version of AnyDesk, you will only be able to set your ID once, and it cannot be changed later. If you purchase an AnyDesk Solo license, you will be able to change your ID up to three times. However, if you purchase an AnyDesk Standard or Advanced license, you will be able to change your ID an unlimited number of times.

When you first install AnyDesk, you will be prompted to choose an alias for your ID. This alias is a short, descriptive name that will be displayed to other users when they connect to your computer. You can change your alias at any time, but your ID will remain the same.

If you are concerned about security, you may want to consider using a custom namespace for your AnyDesk ID. A custom namespace is a string of characters that you can add to the beginning of your ID. This will make it more difficult for someone to guess your ID.

To create a custom namespace, open the AnyDesk app and go to Settings > Security. In the Custom Namespace field, enter the desired namespace. You can use up to 25 characters for your namespace.

Once you have created a custom namespace, your AnyDesk ID will be changed to include the namespace. For example, if your ID is 1234567890 and your custom namespace is “mycompany”, your new ID will be mycompany:1234567890.