How to upgrade my seat on an SAA flight in South Africa

Here’s how you can attempt to upgrade your seat:

  1. Check eligibility: Before proceeding, make sure that your ticket is eligible for an upgrade. Some fare classes or ticket types may not be eligible for upgrades. Premium or higher-class ticket holders usually have a better chance of upgrading.
  2. Contact the airline: Get in touch with the airline’s customer service or reservations team. You can do this through their website, mobile app, or by calling their customer service number. Inform them about your desire to upgrade your seat and inquire about the available options.
  3. Check for online upgrades: Some airlines allow passengers to bid for seat upgrades through an online auction system. Check the airline’s website or app to see if they offer such an option. You may be able to place a bid for a seat upgrade, and if your bid is successful, you’ll get the upgrade.
  4. Use frequent flyer miles/points: If you are a member of the airline’s frequent flyer program or part of an airline alliance, you may be able to use your accumulated miles or points to upgrade your seat. Check with the airline to see if this option is available.
  5. Upgrade at the airport: On the day of your flight, you can inquire at the check-in counter or the airline’s customer service desk at the airport about the possibility of upgrading your seat. Depending on availability, they may offer you an upgrade for an additional fee.
  6. Travel during off-peak times: If you’re flexible with your travel dates, consider flying during off-peak times. There might be a higher chance of available seats in premium classes during these periods, increasing your chances of an upgrade.
  7. Be polite and flexible: While it’s not guaranteed, being polite and respectful to the airline staff can go a long way. If there are empty seats in higher classes, and you are approachable and flexible, they may consider offering you an upgrade.

Remember that seat upgrades are subject to availability, and they are not always guaranteed, especially during peak travel times. Additionally, the upgrade cost can vary depending on the route, class availability, and the airline’s specific policies.