How to report a complaint against a healthcare professional to the HPCSA

The process to report a complaint against a healthcare professional to the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) is as follows:

  1. Gather information: Before filing a complaint, make sure you have all the relevant information, including the healthcare professional’s name, practice address, and details of the incident that led to the complaint. Include any supporting documents, such as medical records or correspondence related to the matter.
  2. Write a formal complaint: Prepare a detailed and formal written complaint explaining the incident, the date it occurred, and the names of any witnesses if available. Be clear and specific in describing the alleged misconduct or malpractice.
  3. Complete the HPCSA complaint form: Visit the HPCSA website ( to access the complaint form or contact them directly to request one. Fill out the form with accurate information and attach your written complaint and any supporting documents.
  4. Submit the complaint: Send the completed complaint form and all relevant documents to the HPCSA by email, fax, or post. Ensure that you have included all necessary information for them to investigate the matter effectively.
  5. Await acknowledgment and response: After submitting the complaint, the HPCSA will acknowledge receipt of your complaint. They will then conduct an initial assessment to determine if it falls within their jurisdiction and if there is sufficient evidence to warrant further investigation.
  6. Investigation and resolution: If the HPCSA decides to proceed with the investigation, they will notify the healthcare professional about the complaint and give them an opportunity to respond. The matter will be thoroughly investigated, and the HPCSA’s Professional Conduct Committee will make a decision based on the evidence presented.
  7. Final decision: Once the investigation is complete, the Professional Conduct Committee will make a decision regarding the healthcare professional’s conduct. If the committee finds the professional guilty of misconduct, they may face disciplinary action, ranging from a caution or fine to suspension or removal from the register.