How to pay my Vox account

Vox is a South African telecommunications company that offers various services, including internet, phone, and television services. To pay your Vox account, you can use one of the following methods:

  1. Online Payment: Vox likely provides an online payment portal on their website where you can log in to your account and make payments using a credit/debit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT).
  2. Bank Deposit or EFT: You can pay your Vox account by making a direct deposit or transferring funds from your bank account to Vox’s bank account. You will need Vox’s banking details, which are usually available on their website or invoices.
  3. Debit Order: Set up a debit order with Vox, so your monthly payments are automatically deducted from your bank account.
  4. Pay at Retail Stores: Some retail stores may accept payments for Vox accounts. Check with Vox or the retail store if this option is available.
  5. Pay by Phone: You may be able to make a payment over the phone using your credit/debit card.
  6. Visit a Vox Store: If there are physical Vox stores, you can visit one and make a payment in person.