How to contact the HPCSA for general inquiries or assistance

The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) can be contacted through the following methods for general inquiries or assistance:

  1. Website: The official website of the HPCSA is likely to have relevant information and contact details. Visit their website and look for a “Contact” or “Contact Us” section.
  2. Email: Check the HPCSA website for a general inquiry email address. This could be something like “” or a specific email for different departments.
  3. Telephone: The HPCSA should have a dedicated helpline or main telephone number. Look for a contact number on their website or in any official documents related to the council.
  4. Physical Address: If you prefer to visit them in person or send mail, find the physical address of their main office on their website or through other official sources.
  5. Social Media: Some organizations, including regulatory bodies, are active on social media platforms. Check if the HPCSA has official accounts on platforms like Twitter or Facebook, where you might be able to send them a message or get updates.
  6. Local Offices: If the HPCSA has regional or local offices, you can visit or contact them directly if it’s more convenient for you.