How to Check SASSA Grant Status

Everything you need to know about the SASSA status check for R350 covid relief grant, including the payments dates when it can be collected. The R350 Social Relief Grant Payment schedule is announced each month by the South African Social Security Agency – SASSA. This is the organisation that has been put in charge of distributing and providing government assistance for the special Covid-19 Social Relief benefit. They are also responsible for disability grant recipients and child support grant beneficiaries.

Sassa Status Check 2023

Great news for the people of South Africa that are poverty-stricken and can’t seem to find work and earn a living. The Government of South Africa offers the r350 grant for up to 6 months for the people who are currently unemployed and has not any kind of another source of income, social grant or UIF payment, etcYou can apply for the grant on the Sassa official website; after application, you are liable to get information regarding the application process through Sassa Status Check online service. Through this, you can assure yourself whether or not you will be receiving your relief funds.

When you apply for the Sassa SRD application, you can check the status of your grant application at any time through the above-mentioned ways. After checking, you can be expected the following output, which has the following meaning, as described under:

STATUS: Application complete

This means that your application has successfully completed the verification process after reapplication, and you will get the SRD Sassa grant every month.

There are various methods available for Sassa r350 grant application online 2022 check status. To get information about your grant’s current situation process; Here, we mentioned some methods through which you can check your grant application status:

  • Fill the form above, click submit.
  • check Sassa’s status for unemployment grant through Moya App
  • check your Sassa status via SMS through your phone number or on WhatsApp
  • check the status on Sassa’s official website 

SRD Sassa Relief Fund Status Check via SMS through your phone number or on WhatsApp

  • You can also check the Sassa status directly on the toll-free number 0800601011.
  • Before making a call to Sassa official, make sure you have at hand your cell phone number that you register at the time of application and ID number.
  • You also have the choice to communicate with staff in your selected language. But there may also be a case at that time that the language communicator does not present, so you will either have to wait or change your language according to the staff available there and who can communicate with you.
  • It is best if you can understand and speak English because it is believed that beneficiaries who choose the English language get a high response rate.