How to check if someone has a criminal record with SAPS in South Africa

To check if someone has a criminal record with the South African Police Service (SAPS), you can follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the person’s written consent: In South Africa, accessing someone’s criminal record requires their consent. Ask the person you are checking about to provide written consent stating that they allow you to access their criminal record.
  2. Visit the SAPS website: Go to the official website of the South African Police Service at
  3. Navigate to the Criminal Record Center: Look for the “Services” or “Divisions” section on the SAPS website and find the Criminal Record Center or Crime Record Center. The exact location of this section may vary, so you may need to explore the website or use the search function to find it.
  4. Understand the requirements: Review the information provided by the SAPS regarding the process and requirements for accessing criminal records. Each country and jurisdiction may have different regulations and procedures, so it’s important to ensure you are following the correct guidelines.
  5. Contact the SAPS Criminal Record Center: Once you have gathered the necessary information and are aware of the requirements, contact the SAPS Criminal Record Center directly. You can find their contact details on the SAPS website. Reach out to them via phone or email to inquire about the specific process for accessing criminal records.
  6. Provide required information and documentation: Follow the instructions provided by the SAPS Criminal Record Center to submit the necessary information and documentation. This typically includes the written consent from the person you are checking, along with any other required forms or identification documents.
  7. Await response: After submitting the required documents, you will need to wait for the SAPS to process your request. The time it takes to receive a response may vary, so it’s best to inquire about the estimated processing time when you initially contact the SAPS Criminal Record Center.