How to activate DStv Xtraview

To activate DStv Xtraview, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Check compatibility: Ensure that your DStv subscription package supports Xtraview and that your decoder is Xtraview compatible. You will need two compatible DStv decoders for Xtraview.
  2. Connect the decoders: Connect the two decoders using a suitable method. You can either use a heartbeat cable or use a DStv Smart LNB or DStv Switch (if applicable) to connect the decoders.
    • Heartbeat cable: Connect the RF Out port of the primary decoder (the one with the higher subscription package) to the RF In port of the secondary decoder using a heartbeat cable.
    • Smart LNB or Switch: If you have a DStv Smart LNB or Switch, follow the instructions provided with the equipment to connect the two decoders.
  3. Set primary and secondary decoder: On the primary decoder (the one with the higher subscription package), press the “DStv” button on the remote control to access the DStv menu.
  4. Access Xtraview settings: Navigate to “Settings” or “Advanced Options” in the DStv menu and select “Xtraview” or “XtraSetup” (the name may vary depending on your decoder model).
  5. Enable Xtraview: In the Xtraview settings, select “Enable Xtraview” or a similar option to activate Xtraview.
  6. Pair the decoders: On the primary decoder, select “E38” or “XtraView” in the Xtraview settings. This will generate a pairing code.
  7. Activate Xtraview online: Visit the DStv website ( and log in to your DStv account.
  8. Navigate to Xtraview settings: Locate the Xtraview settings in your account management section. Look for an option such as “Activate Xtraview” or “Link Decoders.”
  9. Enter pairing code: Enter the pairing code displayed on the primary decoder into the corresponding field on the DStv website.
  10. Confirm activation: Follow the on-screen prompts to confirm the activation and link the secondary decoder to your primary decoder.
  11. Complete installation: Once the activation is successful, the secondary decoder will be linked to your primary decoder, and you should be able to enjoy Xtraview functionality.

If you encounter any difficulties during the activation process, it is recommended to contact DStv customer support for further assistance.