How to access the SAA lounge in South Africa

Here are some general ways you might access the SAA lounge:

Business or First Class Ticket: Passengers traveling on a Business Class or First Class ticket with SAA or its partner airlines may be eligible for lounge access.

Frequent Flyer Program: Members of SAA’s frequent flyer program (Voyager) who have attained a certain elite status may gain access to the lounge. The specific level of access will depend on your status.

Priority Pass: If you hold a Priority Pass membership, it might grant you access to the SAA lounge. Priority Pass is a paid membership that allows access to various airport lounges worldwide.

Credit Card with Lounge Access Benefits: Certain premium credit cards offer lounge access as a perk. If your credit card includes this benefit, check if the SAA lounge is part of the participating lounges.

Pay for Access: Some lounges allow passengers to purchase access, either online or at the lounge entrance. If this option is available, the cost will vary depending on the lounge and the services offered.