How good is South Africa’s internet

South Africa’s internet infrastructure and quality were gradually improving but were not considered among the best in the world. The country faced several challenges that impacted the overall quality of its internet service:

  1. Infrastructure: The internet infrastructure in South Africa varied across different regions. While major cities and urban areas had relatively better infrastructure, rural areas often experienced slower and less reliable internet connections.
  2. Speed: The average internet speed in South Africa was lower compared to many other developed countries. Factors such as limited investment in broadband technology and high contention ratios contributed to this.
  3. Cost: Internet service in South Africa was considered relatively expensive for the level of service provided. High costs often limited access for lower-income individuals and small businesses.
  4. Connectivity: Despite progress, there were still areas with limited connectivity, particularly in remote regions, which affected accessibility for those living there.
  5. Reliability: Some users experienced periodic outages and instability in their internet connections, impacting productivity and user experience.