The Finder is a Macintosh computer’s desktop interface. It enables users to move, copy, remove, and open files, traverse between directories and reposition windows on the desktop. The Finder is launched immediately when the machine boots up and remains active in the background. Despite being a vital part of the Mac OS, the Finder is actually a program. This implies that users may use the Dock or the Command-Tab shortcut to choose the Finder from a list of running programs. In order to open a window and browse to a particular file he wishes to access, a user could, for instance, go to the Finder. Once the user locates the file, he may double-click the icon to open it. The Finder cannot be closed like other programs since it is constantly operating in the background. The only other option is to restart the Finder, which only restarts the program.

Since its introduction, the Finder has been a component of the Mac OS GUI and has continuously changed over time. Although the menu bar, desktop, icons, and windows have always been present, it now also offers a number of new functions. For instance, the current Finder in Mac OS X has Quick Look technology, which enables many different types of documents to be viewed directly in the Finder, the Dock for quick access to programs and files, and an advanced search capability. The Finder windows now have a sidebar with links to disks and folders and support a variety of viewing options, such as Cover Flow, which enables users to scroll between document previews.

The Finder is an essential component of the Macintosh operating system and acts as the main user-Mac interface. Therefore, if you use a Mac, it could be a good idea to explore the Finder’s menu choices and become familiar with all of its capabilities.

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Search for files

Use the search area in the window’s corner to conduct a search from a Finder window. Click the magnifying glass in the menu bar or press Command-Space to search with Spotlight. You may use advanced searches to filter your search results in both Spotlight and Finder.

File Explorer

File Explorer, formerly Windows Explorer, is a file manager program that comes preinstalled with versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system starting with Windows 95. For accessing the file systems, it offers a graphical user interface. It is also the part of the operating system that displays the taskbar and other user interface elements on the screen. It is possible to control the computer without Windows Explorer active (for instance, in NT-derived versions of Windows, the File Run command and commands entered in a command prompt window will work without it).

How to Open Finder

The Dock provides the easiest route to the Finder. To launch a Finder window, you click on the blue happy face in your Dock.
Finder should launch with its default window visible. By default, Finder will open the Recents area; however, you may utilize the sidebar to explore additional often used folders or double-click a file or folder to open it.

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