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Recent questions and answers in Education

1 answer 35 views
Will you be exempted from some programs of icag after completing b.ed businesses studies (accounting option) and is the different between u and those who have written all levels.
answered Nov 24 in University of Development Studies PHLOAT
1 answer 38 views
Please can I get a link to download icag level 2 books in pdf format
answered Nov 22 in Education PHLOAT
1 answer 34 views
Pls when is NSS pin for teachers going to be released?
answered Nov 5 in Education PHLOAT
1 answer 45 views
Please I'm a Nurse Assistant who completed in 2017 and have not been posted yet, please can I apply and do an access course. And can I get admission into the university as a regular student either level 100 or 200 to continue my education after I have passed my access exams.
answered Oct 30 in Education PHLOAT
4 answers 89 views
I need to write essay as quickly as it is possible, but don't know how to start ?
answered Sep 30 in Education PHLOAT
0 answers 47 views
Please which degree course does one need to study when he or she want to master law
asked Sep 25 in Education Wb
0 answers 61 views
Scholarship schemes that student can apply
asked Sep 24 in Education anonymous
1 answer 49 views
I want to know how I can request for my transcript from KATH NTC
answered Sep 23 in Nursing and Midwifery Training Colleges PHLOAT
1 answer 82 views
Can I be admitted university of development studies with the following results English C6 Core maths C5 Social studies C5 Science D7 Government C4 E. Maths C4 Economics C6 Geography D7
answered Sep 16 in Education PHLOAT
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