Automated Teller Machine

An automated teller machine (ATM) is a device that enables bank customers to perform financial transactions without the need for a human teller. ATMs are typically found in public places such as banks, shopping malls, airports, and convenience stores. Customers can use their debit or credit card to access their account, and perform various transactions including withdrawing cash, depositing money, transferring funds, and checking their account balance.

To use an ATM, customers must enter their card into the machine and enter a personal identification number (PIN) to verify their identity. Once verified, customers can select the type of transaction they wish to perform and follow the on-screen instructions. ATMs can also dispense cash in different denominations, and provide printed receipts as proof of transaction. With the development of mobile banking, some ATMs can now also accept mobile payments and offer additional services such as bill payments and account-to-account transfers.

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