The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is a statutory agency of the Australian government that is in charge of revenue collection. The ATO is in charge of overseeing the Australian federal taxes system, superannuation legislation, and other related issues. The operations of the ATO fall within the purview of the Treasurer of Australia and the Treasury.

The ATO is the primary revenue collection agency for the Australian government, collecting income tax, goods and services tax (GST), and other federal taxes. The ATO is also in charge of the Australian Business Register, the Higher Education Loan Program, various Australian government payments, and the administration of major components of Australia’s superannuation system.

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Legal structure

Charities make use of a variety of legal structures. Each kind has different obligations. Many aspects of your charity’s legal framework are affected, including:

  • its reporting and governance requirements to the government agency that incorporated (registered) it
  • its ability to operate outside the state it is registered in without further registration
  • its eligibility for certain tax concessions.

Tax concessions, exemptions and other benefits

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and appropriate state and territory governments offer a range of tax breaks to charities.
To apply for ATO charitable tax reductions, organizations must be registered with the ACNC.
It is crucial to highlight that, while the ACNC registers organizations as charities for Commonwealth purposes, the ATO is still in charge of taxation, including the decision to approve charities for tax breaks.

Applying for tax concessions from the ATO

When submitting the ACNC’s charity registration application, you can request tax breaks for charities from the ATO.
Although the ATO still makes the final determination about charitable tax exemptions, you can apply when completing the ACNC charity registration form, eliminating the need to submit a separate application to the ATO. Instead, all you have to do is finish the ACNC application’s tax concessions portion.
We send the application for tax breaks to the ATO after the ACNC recognizes your organization as a charity. After determining whether you qualify for charitable tax benefits, the ATO will let you know.
You can later apply directly through the ATO if you don’t request charity tax breaks through the ACNC’s application for charity registration.

Australian Taxation Office

The management of the tax and superannuation systems that underpin and finance services for Australians, as well as the provision of administrative support to the Tax Practitioners Board, the Australian Business Register, and the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, are the core responsibilities of the ATO.