Australia Post

Australia Post, formerly known as the Australian Postal Corporation, is a government-owned company that offers postal services in the country. The head office of Australia post is located in Bourke Street Melbourne, which also operates as a post office.

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About us

Our work interacts and enhances every community in Australia, supports our economy and society, and empowers our regions. We assist our regions, cities, and territories by providing strategic policy advice, administering fit-for-purpose legislation, and delivering programs and services in the main infrastructure, transportation, communications, and arts sectors.

Our top priorities are:

  • Connectivity in transportation

Infrastructure investment helps to support an efficient, sustainable, competitive, accessible, safe, and secure transportation system and jobs.

  • Regional advancement

Improving living conditions and promoting economic growth in towns and regions throughout Australia, especially northern Australia.

  • Availability of communications

Encouraging investment in communications technology and enabling Australians’ access to reliable, secure communications services are both important for promoting inclusiveness and long-term economic success.

  • Culture and innovation

supporting the cultural and creative industries while ensuring their sustainability and diversity, as well as preserving and promoting Australian culture.