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1 answer 159 views
What pills do I've to give to a woman to make her feel sex or get her into sex mood am a Ghanaian and wanna know it price and where to get Sam to buy
answered Jun 2 in Love and Relationship Nery
1 answer 147 views
3 answers 21.9K views
I really need both Ghana and Nigeria sex whatsapp group to join.
commented Oct 16, 2017 in Love and Relationship anonymous
1 answer 33 views
We dated for about 3 months. He broke up with me. I took him back. 3 months later, he dumped me again. A month after this, he called me and asked me to take him back again. Here's the catch; I still have feelings for him. Please help me!
commented Oct 12, 2017 in Love and Relationship Mis tracy
2 answers 179 views
Someone that doesnt know u and u too dont know anything about her
answered Oct 9, 2017 in Love and Relationship PHLOAT
2 answers 244 views
Are you good in bed?? Do you really need a rich hot sexy sugar mummy or sugar daddy that can change your life completely with money and influence, so get the opportunity to meet sugar mummies from all works of life, politician, bankers, oil ladies, ... GET A CHANCE TO MEET SUGAR MUMMIES AND DADDIES OF YOUR DREAM contcat number : +233546487618 watsapp; +233546487618 regards agent ik cruz jacob
answered Sep 7, 2017 in Love and Relationship isaac
1 answer 5.9K views
Pls I need WhatsApp groups that deals with sex talks and porn to join urgently.
commented Aug 31, 2017 in Love and Relationship Ella Bruce
1 answer 73 views
this is a muslim woman from the hasua tribe. how much is fair for a bride price and how much should i spend on the wedding
answered Aug 27, 2017 in Love and Relationship PHLOAT
1 answer 67 views
If you're living your life in worry & doubt, fearful that your spouse might be cheating, you need to find out the truth & put your mind at ease, the damaging effects of a cheating spouse can be monumental, but as hard as it is to find out that your ... that your partner is cheating just give us a call to conduct surveillance on your unfaithful partner, contact us on +27814593500 or email us on
commented Jul 3, 2017 in Love and Relationship Patricia
1 answer 96 views
The fees for freshmen @ Gij is 2,200 .Does it include hall of residence fees??.
answered Apr 10, 2017 in Love and Relationship PHLOAT
2 answers 174 views
am humble good and hardy boy in search for sugar mummy call me on 0542548930 .
answered Apr 7, 2017 in Love and Relationship anonymous
0 answers 49 views
0 answers 102 views
If u ar sugar mummy and u need young guy pls contact dis line +233266865995 in Accra only
asked Mar 20, 2017 in Love and Relationship Kofi Sackey GH
0 answers 56 views
I am Felix,I want a sugar mummy in Ghana age between 30-35 years. I want someone who can love me the way I am.I am 30 years. You can call or WhatsApp me on +233242353049 Or email me @ aanabaf@yahoo.com
asked Mar 17, 2017 in Love and Relationship Felix
2 answers 174 views
plz,I was in love with my frnd when we were in shs.but I couldn't propose to her bcos we were in de same class.so after completion I proposed and she said she is in a relationship with my frnd. I asked the guy and he said dere is nothing b/n them.Although we've been ... girl accused me dat y didn't i propose to her while we were in sch. please wat shld I do. I am seriously in love with de girl.
commented Mar 12, 2017 in Love and Relationship Afroworld800
3 answers 170 views
Ma friend and a guy hav being datin for one month and they broke up jx recently. The guy told ma friend that he doesn't love her as a date so they should be just friend and also went ahead to tell her that I am de one he loves. The thing is I love him too buh ma ... for me to date Him cos we love ourselves and for that one, ma friend is aware. And if I date him, will ma friend ever forgive me?
answered Feb 12, 2017 in Love and Relationship jone
2 answers 78 views
my girlfriend told me shes crushing on a guy who is good to her and they are close,i mean dey communicate everyday in sch(UG) . she tells me about him sometimes and they chat all the time like how she and i have bn chatting and all. she told me shes over him and ... fall completely for him.. i dont know what i should do ,weda to stay or leave? av not bn myself ever since this whole thing started.
answered Feb 12, 2017 in Love and Relationship anonymous
2 answers 240 views
A girl am dated for about four years nw..has started cheating on me.. she told me about a guy in a hood proposed to her but she never accepted...she stay with my cousin...And my cousin is nw tellin me that my girl is nw having an affair with the guy...Please what should i do nw?
answered Feb 12, 2017 in Love and Relationship jone
0 answers 899 views
1 answer 137 views
pls I need a lover any girl that I will say I love her in this accra says I am not her class I am a boy of 24year but due to my work that I done no girl love me why bcos I use to wash cars.but I tought is time to say to the ppls of accra that I ... akomeahelijah63@gmail.com I don't want any street girl.all any girl that will say buy me this bcos i have told u my work before.only ladys from 18/23
commented Jan 12, 2017 in Love and Relationship mrs mercy
0 answers 1.8K views
My name is Emmanuela.. its my first time to take in contra 72 this but unfortunately i took both dose at once. Is it going to work or not
commented Jan 12, 2017 in Love and Relationship mrs mercy
1 answer 126 views
1 answer 221 views
Please am a married man and any time l want to have sex with my wife she won't me to use my tough into his vagina but l always refuse but l see to it that my wife don't feel happy. Please if l do it will it course a problem to me or not
commented Nov 12, 2016 in Love and Relationship kellan Lorenzo
2 answers 197 views
I need a sugar mummy who will be able to take in ma long and thick dick am not asking for one round sex ooh
commented Nov 12, 2016 in Love and Relationship kellan Lorenzo
1 answer 364 views
Am eddy frm Accra nd I nid sugar mum in greater Accra for long term relationship. Contact mi on 0574892721 u cn whtsapp mi on de sme line...
commented Nov 12, 2016 in Love and Relationship kellan Lorenzo
1 answer 114 views
I wish to express my sincere gratitude to your institution for your supportive guidance and encouragement given to me when seeking for admition to enter into the university. Am with great satisfaction to inform you that I have gained admission to the university of education Winneba to offer mechanical technology education just recently. Thank you ones again and I really acknowledge your support.
asked Jun 25, 2016 in Love and Relationship Godfred Korankye
0 answers 82 views
i want sugar mummies who are ready for sex and to pay me well.
asked Jun 18, 2016 in Love and Relationship Damba Stephen
0 answers 129 views
plzzz am in love with ma best friend bt I don't knw if it is adviceable to propose to her ....she always tell me.she is not ready for a relationship ....wat shd I do nw since I am confuse n don't knw wat to do....plzzz help me
asked Jun 3, 2016 in Love and Relationship Zion
1 answer 497 views
There is a very beautiful girl next to our house.I'm in love with her.I have greeted her once or twice.you hardly see her outside or whith friends.she has been always in de house. I want to approach and get her contact but I'm afraid of been turned down.After ... she give it to me? Secondly should I consider her as an introvert kind of person?Please tell everything I need to know.I need ur help.
answer selected Jun 1, 2016 in Love and Relationship web
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