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asked 9 hours ago in Health pera glow
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asked 15 hours ago in Health Lekringeolit
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asked 19 hours ago in Health annfcarri
1 answer 14 views
what could be the cause and how can I prevent it?
answered 1 day ago in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 27 views
Had sex on the 12 of August but I took the emergency contraceptive pill on the 13th I had another sex on the 14th and I took Oral contraceptive pill on the 15th Augest. ( I just started the oral contraceptive pill on the 15th August).
answered 6 days ago in Health Nery
10 answers 55.9K views
Sir am a boy of 20 and my penis is so small like a 14 year boy so sir I want medicines dat can make it big,long and hard
answered Aug 10 in Health wfdoll
1 answer 67 views
I have been having this itching body another time I finish bathing, pls I need a medical advice n want to know the cause of it
answered Jul 27 in Health Nery
1 answer 34 views
I want to know whether the test for aids is free in Ghana ,if no, how much is the price for doing a test
answered Jul 19 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 68 views
Pls am in the western region and want to know where exactly to aquire a license to operate a drug store. I want information about these too 1. Requirements 2. Fee of certification 3. And how long it will take to obtain it. Any link to read more about them. thanks
answered Jun 1 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 66 views
I lost my birth certificate , but I hope I could it back with the same information.
answered May 28 in Health PHLOAT
0 answers 35 views
asked May 27 in Health anonymous
1 answer 72 views
am a general art student who offered these programs Government,Geography,Elective Mathematics and Economics i would wanted to pursue my education as a Medical Assistant in most of the nursing training. can you guys reply me with the possible grades and schools i can use.
answered May 21 in Health PHLOAT
2 answers 90 views
One-day now after releasing in. What medicine should I use??
answered May 9 in Health Nery
1 answer 72 views
Please I had grade 9in my final exam. Please since they are say grade 24 or better. I want know if I will get admission
answered May 8 in Health Nery
4 answers 932 views
hi please am a person with no problem, I eat n do everything perfectly but am not gaining any weight and am also not sick too so please can u direct me to any harmless drug which will help me increase or gain weight ?
answered May 4 in Health amy
1 answer 56 views
would graduates of Medical Bio-diagnostic Science be considered for Allied Health license exams?
answered May 2 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 61 views
Many thanks for the attention to my request and clarification. Further question: Could a foreign pharmacist (from CEDEAO or out side CEDEAO region) have a pharmacy in Ghana, please? I would like to have a pharmacy in Ghana, but originally, I am from Rwanda, having also CEDEAO (Mali) and Belgium nationalities. Best regards, Dr Faustin Ndindayino
answered Apr 25 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 38 views
I need examples of problems that the ghana health service is facing that i can publish
answered Apr 23 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 49 views
Is there any minimum financial limitation for having pharmacy store in Ghana, please?
answered Apr 23 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 44 views
Pls there is a hole in my teeth in one of my premolars how much will it cost me to take it off cos its giving me severe headaches....
answered Apr 9 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 90 views
Provestron is a drug for women. It decreases menstrual pain n also increases libido
answered Apr 9 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 39 views
migrating physician assistant from Canada or United States
answered Apr 4 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 68 views
I had sex a week after menstruation without any protection I want to know if I could be pregnant Thanks team!
answered Mar 22 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 47 views
Pls team askmeghana I had sex a day after completing my menstruation without any form of protection So I want to know if I could be pregnant Thanks......
answered Mar 22 in Health PHLOAT
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