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asked 3 hours ago in Health Androdna testo boost avis
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CBD Miracle Pain Patch has been portrayed as a fix that advances "quick acting relief from discomfort" for the whole body. With the utilization of natural CBD, buyers can foresee the substance to harvest from the layers of one's skin directly into the ... superior, torment free life, how about we begin! Click on its official website wirh lot of discount: https://cbdmiraclepainpatch.info/
asked 5 hours ago in Health cbdmiracleus19
1 answer 37 views
For the past 20 years I can not hear from my left ear. Can I get help? It all started when I was growing up as a youth something entered my left ear they took me to hospital in our village they couldn't remove. Can help to remove this thing?
answered Sep 10 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 21 views
I have battle with the worse form of acne for 10 years, I want to know if there is a specialist who can help cure acne permanently
answered Sep 5 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 39 views
What procedures can a Nigerian medical Doctor take before working in Ghana.
answered Aug 14 in Health Nery
1 answer 56 views
I had an unprotected and I missed my period so I tested at home two times and they both turns out to be negative but I haven't also had my period, could I be pregnant .
answered Jul 26 in Health Nery
0 answers 20 views
I was supposed to take the pills (two of them) at a go but I took one and took the other 30-40 minutes later. Will it in any way affect how the drug is supposed to work ?
asked Jul 13 in Health Dianiss
1 answer 62 views
1 answer 72 views
Please how is the aptitude test for ho nursing training college look like,is it theory or objectives
answered Jun 18 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 66 views
Got a contraceptive same night after sex but realised it had just a pill(mistake from factory) right after taking it. On the next day's evening I got lydia and then took one pill instantly thinking i had to wait until 12hours before taking the next pill ..only for me to read ... realise I had to take both at once..I still took the next pill after 12hours tho....am I still safe ..am very confused
answered May 15 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 117 views
Please my girlfriend and I had sex Thursday at 2am and had sex Thursday midnight and she took her pills this morning but after she did we had another sex but I don’t know if the pills will work
answered Apr 26 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 117 views
pls i want to that whether premature ejaculation is it sickness or what?
answered Apr 2 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 69 views
Please I want to offer hnd dispensary technology at Kumasi technical university . What are the job opportunities after completion? And please what is the salary condition?
answered Feb 27 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 110 views
i had sex on Sunday evening and monday afternoon and he released into me and i took the lydia post pill.hope am safe
answered Feb 26 in Health PHLOAT
1 answer 54 views
I heard that the government want to cancel certificate nursing and certificate in community health program.
answered Feb 2 in Health PHLOAT
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1 answer 110 views
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