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Every company is a potential sponsor. No company is willing to give out free money for whatever reason unless you have been able to convince them beyond any reasonable doubt the importance of sponsoring your program or NGO.

The trick to getting sponsorships is as follows;
1. Do not go to big companies when you are just starting.
2. Contact small and medium companies.
3. Contact as many small and medium companies as possible starting with those that are in your own area.
4. Demand a very small amount from the companies which they can easily pay.

if the money is small lets say 100ghc. but you are able to contact about 30 companies in your own area, this will become 3000ghc. note: the companies can include even supermarkets in your area. Any supermarket can give you 100ghc for a good cause. Target this type of businesses before you go to the medium and then upper businesses. Note the amount you demand from the medium size companies should be a little higher than small size enterprises but not that high. Keep the money at minimum. The higher the earning potential of the company the higher the amount you will demand. Note that always make sure the companies can easily pay what you want them to pay. The money should be something that they do not have to even plan or think about it. E.G. if you go to a provisional store and proposes your project to the owner and ask that they donate 10ghc to help your cause, You realize that they will not even think twice about it because 10ghs is very small money to a provisional store. You can apply this to all companies.

5.Always let the company know that you have already raised most of the amount you are looking for from company a,b,c d etc and that you need just a little from them to complete that whole amount.
e.g. When raising 50,000ghc, you can state in your sponsorship letter that you have already raised 33,000ghc from your sources which includes other companies. This will increase the probability that they will actually donate for your cause because if other companies have already donated, then your NGO must be good and genuine.(this is what they will think)